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 Well, I asked the supervisor a couple follow up questions in an e mail and she answered them today, but didn't let me know if I passed the interview.  I think I can kind of assume I did, or she's a brat for answering my questions and then tomorrow being like "Oh btw you failed."  LOL. But I'm still waiting for something more official.

There is a lot more junk going on in my life that I've been avoiding talking about because my dad has ongoing shoulder problems, and my husband saw spots in front of his eyes the other day and was jumbling his words all up, but that happens on a normal day (the jumbling words) so we don't know what exactly happened because he was at work and didn't go to the ER or anything.

My mother told me she found out she has cancer BUT she doesn't know what type or where or how bad it is, and she didn't even really want to talk to me when I called her the day of her PET scan just to see how she was feeling.  Then my mom's niece (on my mother's side) posted that my mom has some type of rare invasive disease, but my mother told me no such thing, so is her niece making shit up or did my mom tell her sister something she didn't tell me?  My mom's sister is a nurse so I wouldn't be surprised at all if my mom divulged details that she wasn't ready to tell me yet, but it's really not cool for her niece to spill stuff on the internet.  I feel it's my mom's responsibility (and right) to let people know as she feels comfortable.

Then my dad asked me if my mom told me not to tell him about the cancer, because he found out through his sister.  (she didn't ask me not to tell him, for the record.) Oh, why can't people keep their mouths shut?  I mean, if my mom wanted my dad to know (they haven't spoken in years, as far as I know), she can tell him, right?  She can ask me for his phone number or e mail address and tell him herself.

Now I don't even know if my mom knows that my dad knows, and my mom probably doesn't even know that her niece said that about invasive cancer on facebook, because my mom never goes on facebook.  So I'm keeping my mouth shut.  I feel it's the best thing to do, right?

My family is not usually gossipy and dramatic.  I don't even have a tag for drama, that's how drama free my life usually is.

I got an e mail on the day my dad and stepmom were supposed to leave for Cancun (they travel often) and it said that my stepmom was having bad back pain and spasms so they cancelled the trip.  

My cat is sick. I mentioned that in the last entry.  We have her in the dog crate and she poops and pees on puppy pads and we change them.  She's still eating and drinking but she's shockingly skinny.  It's scary, really.  I gave her a bath today and it was just...well, shocking and scary are the best words.  But the good news is she only pooped once today and I let her out of the crate for a while and she didn't poop on the floor.

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