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 Stolen from [ profile] cptlbryant 
1: Full name?: Not putting my full name here, sorry :) 
2: Current crush?: Joey McIntyre
3: Addiction?: food
4: How tall are you?: 4'11" 3/4 (if you're short like me, you know the 3/4 totally counts)
5: Relationship status?: married
6: Girls you trust?: all my internet friends.  
7: Boys you trust?: I trust my husband in the larger sense of the word, in that I know he doesn't cheat on me and always comes home to me.  
9: Current mood?: meh
10: Favorite color?: green
11: Least Favorite Color: pink, although I've gotten used to it recently and even wear it sometimes
12: Who you miss?: Heather
13: Who you last hugged?: my son
14: Who understands you?: I'm not sure anyone really does.
15: Someone who is always there for you: My family
16: Last Text?: my husband
17: Who’s a stranger: it seems my husband is, a lot of the time
18: Who makes you laugh the most?: Bridget
19: Who you do the craziest stuff with?: Heather 
20: Who makes you smile: all my parenting friends, lj and dw friends, the ontdcreepy comm, facebook friends, Heather
21: What are you listening to:'s wonderful
22: Turn ons?: men who like animals and children
23: Turn offs?: immaturity 
24: Best friends?: Heather
26: Your Favorite Movie: Oh god, I hate to admit this, but A League of Their Own.  
27: What you hate: people who never grew up and refuse to admit it
28: Who’s annoying?: Lots of people who shall remain nameless. (not because it's any of you, though...I love you all!)


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