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 More reasons why I love Amanda Palmer. 

She tweeted yesterday, or a couple days ago now, I can't remember, that she was going to write a book and she left a link to her blog.  As I do with a lot of things, I favorited it and left it for when I'd have some alone time (which would be today). 

Not even a paragraph into her blog entry she did about her book, I have three other tabs open with things I want to watch or read, that I got from this blog entry.  Down the rabbit hole I go.

I just found a cover she did of one of my most favorite songs ever, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.  Lots and lots of people have covered this song, and I try to listen to every cover I find.  People have used it to audition for American Idol and people have used it in the end game of musical competitions like that.  International versions of these competitions have used it. kd lang sang it at the Olympics a few years ago.   It can be slow and dreary at its worst, and haunting, emotional, questioning at its best. 

I just finished the video, and it didn't impact me the way other versions have.  It's a very raw version.  

So now that I've gotten through the original entry I wanted to read, about her book, I see that she's asking her readers for their input on "helping".  She may use some answers for her book.  So I left a comment on that entry.  And then I noticed she wrote that entry 5 months ago.  Sigh.  So everyone can go and see the dopey reply that's written 5+ months after everyone else. 
edit: okay, I guess I'm not a dork, because other people are responding to her post now.  Whew.

Also, her Ukelele Anthem made me want to go out and buy a ukelele.

And here is where I change the subject and talk more about my mom's cancer- feel free to skip this part.

Today I had to call my aunt (my dad's sister) to tell her about my mom.  Mom asked me to tell her--she is obviously not up for telling everyone, because she had her boyfriend Tim call the immediate family, and she told me to tell aunt Linda and my dad.  

Aunt Linda is great.  My mom and dad have been divorced for ohhh...18 years now, but Linda and my mom still keep in touch.  They visit each other and it's nice.  Linda's very...classy, I'd say.  More proper than the rest of us in the family, LOL.  She does work with her church but isn't preachy about religion, she's always very kind and does the right thing and has an awesome daughter who is very different from Linda but is a wonderful person so that just kind of tells me that she was/is a great mom and she let her daughter do her thing.

So as I was telling her mom's prognosis and about the chemo treatment she had on Monday, Linda was very patient, let me speak, and honestly it kind of bothers me when people don't interject a "uh huh" or "yeah" or something, especially on the phone, because a couple of times I didn't know if she was still there.  LOL.  But she was extremely encouraging and said the usual platitudes of "sometimes people come back from this" and all that, but also made a point of not having false hope.  She said she would call my mom and also call me periodically, which I thought was wonderful because sometimes I feel like everyone focuses on the person with cancer and kind of forgets that it is really hard, in a different way, for the family.  She also said she'd be there if there was ever anything I wanted to talk about that I didn't feel comfortable telling anyone else, which, again, was something I didn't even realize I might want until she said it.  It was just the warm and fuzzy stuff that I really crave and needed at this time.  I mean my husband is just taking a totally different angle on this, he's trying to have a sense of humor about it and I appreciate that but sometimes it is nice to have someone who realizes that this is serious.

I think I might be posting a lot now, because I have so much I want to talk about, both good and bad and it's mostly for my own benefit so you can read, or not, and comment, or not, and I really won't be keeping tabs on who is or isn't keeping up so don't feel like I'm even paying attention to that.  
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