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 Now, granted, I haven't watched her speech, but it's truly making me angry that Ellen Page's decision to come out is being heralded as "brave".  It's a sad sad world when it's a brave thing to tell people who you are.  I've always said, I look forward to the day when "coming out" is not even a thing.  Celebrities coming out shouldn't make the papers any more than a friend or a neighbor coming out.

I understand that it is a good thing when celebrities come out as gay or bi and help take a stand with the normal people of the world who don't have the reach that a celebrity does.  But I guess I'm having a problem with it being called brave.

What really is brave is when you choose something and you don't make an announcement about it and you just live it.  Being true to yourself is brave.

Whoever was a fan of Ellen Page and is not a fan all of a sudden now, was never truly a fan of her work.  You were a fan of whatever version of her that you cooked up in her head.  If you're a guy maybe you had delusional fantasies about her and now you feel that's been ripped away from you.  Just a heads up, you have just as much of a chance with her now than you ever did. Zero.

Like if my sneaking suspicion that pretty much all of the members of nkotb are die hard Catholics were confirmed (they are smart and don't talk about their religion or politics), and I stopped liking their music because of that...that doesn't make any sense.

Am I right?

Date: 2014-02-16 04:03 pm (UTC)
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Um hellz yeah! Very right.

As a culture we have a terrible habit of feeling like celebrity means we are entitled to someone-- they become "public property" and we expect them to live up to whatever our ideas are of them and to just accept any breaches of privacy or decency (after all they no longer have a right to privacy, they're "ours" now). Because of this when someone acts outside of their prescribed role we take it as a personal betrayal. It's asinine and messed up on so many levels.

Folks can grow the hell up, Ellen Page belongs to Ellen Page.

Also I'm with you that it's pathetic this is still a "brave" move. It should no longer be a career-harming or safety issue to be open that you are whatever you are. Such bullshit in our "enlightened" age.


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