Jan. 9th, 2014

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When I was re-reading the meme I did yesterday I realized I forgot that I went to the NKOTB 10 album release party. That was pretty exciting. I took my husband because he has never been to a NKOTB event besides the NYC Today show thing where we stood around the corner from the actual performance so I don't really count that. LOL. He poked a lot of fun, but I think he enjoyed himself more or less.

It was really awesome. It was in a small theater in Boston. Even though it's small we were so far back that it wasn't even really worth taking many pics. I just enjoyed it. They sang a bunch of songs from the album and then some girls who funded a full page ad in Billboard magazine thanking NKOTB for all they've done came out and presented them with the ad. It was pretty neat.

Confetti and balloons!

The view from our seats--see, not so close. But still-I was there!

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So, we finished Breaking Bad on NYE. It was good! I was satisfied with the end, and I expected to cry-I even got a tissue in anticipation when we got up for a snack midway through. But I didn't cry.  

Here there are Breaking Bad spoilers )


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