Jan. 23rd, 2014

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 Yay, I passed the crisis intervention interview!

It's not like I was sitting there clicking refresh in my e mail...okay, maybe I was checking it very frequently.  I got the e mail and paid for the background check and already sent it back in, so now I just need to get the info to go fill out the form for the background check, and they do it, and I start training :D

I sent a quick facebook message to my cousin who was talking about my mom's cancer on facebook and asked her to please be careful what she posts, because I had heard no such thing about an invasive cancer and that my mother is probably telling people as she feels comfortable.  I can understand why mom would tell her sister something, especially since her sister is a retired nurse.  But then I don't get why Robyn went and said something.  All because she was asking for prayers.  My mom isn't even religious, LOL.

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 So I got the link to the background check site and got that filled out and turned in.

I let the cat out of her crate and she promptly threw up on the office floor.  She hasn't thrown up at all since we started the new food and we're weaning her into it slowly and everything.  However, she did have a solid poop today, so yay! I just hope she doesn't start throwing up instead...

My cousin apologized for putting up stuff about my mom on facebook and she said she took it down.  I didn't think she had to do that, since anyone who was going to see it probably already did.  But I think she is more aware that not everyone knows what's going on yet and she didn't even say that mom told her it was an invasive cancer, so I'm not sure how she came to that conclusion.


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