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 I feel bad that I haven't kept up with my wicca stuff.  I have 16 e mails from in my wicca folder in my e mail that I haven't read.  Apparently Imbolc is coming up and I have no idea what it represents.  Sigh.  I missed Yule, too, mostly because I also celebrate Christmas (in that food, family and presents kind of way) and I was so sick all through December that I couldn't even sit up to read my e mail most days and find out about Yule and prepare a celebration.

It didn't even occur to me to use wicca to try to get better.  Duh.  Candles, crystals, rituals, etc. all at my fingertips and I didn't even think of it.

My husband thinks I should ask for donations towards my crisis intervention training.  I don't think I should, because I'm capable of covering it on my own.  However we are spending more money on the cat these days-I had to take her to the vet this morning because she couldn't stand up-turns out she is anemic and we're not sure why, all of a sudden it dropped and she won't sit on the blanket I prepared for her but she presses up against the heater so close that her skin should be red hot.

Anyway, I spend what would be the total cost of my training on the cat this morning, so maybe I should be asking for donations.  I don't know.  I just, I don't know if I want to share my profile with my family and real life people right now, because I talk about depression and hopelessness and I don't even know if my family knows I deal with all that.  And of course my mother is sick and we don't need people worrying about me and my problems when my mother has cancer.  Then again, the whole point of me doing it is that I think it's important to talk to people and get the whole mental illness, depression and suicide issue out there and make it okay to talk about it.

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 My profile's up!

Now the deal is I can pay for the training myself or I can raise donations from other people, but I hate doing that, and I rarely do it for anyone else so how can I expect anyone else to do it for me?  But I want to admire my pretty donation page for just a little bit.  I'll probably pay it off today or tomorrow.


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 Oh right, so I posted in a friending meme and I forgot to mention a couple things.
I'm a die hard new kids on the block fan.  Once in a while I talk about them.  
Also, I struggle with depression so some posts will be about that.  I'm not too dreary and like I said in the meme I try to handle it with a sense of humor.  
Check out my other posts that are tagged "note to new friends" to find out more about me.  I don't know why I always forget to mention things. :P
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 Stolen from [ profile] cptlbryant 
1: Full name?: Not putting my full name here, sorry :) 
2: Current crush?: Joey McIntyre
3: Addiction?: food
4: How tall are you?: 4'11" 3/4 (if you're short like me, you know the 3/4 totally counts)
5: Relationship status?: married
6: Girls you trust?: all my internet friends.  
7: Boys you trust?: I trust my husband in the larger sense of the word, in that I know he doesn't cheat on me and always comes home to me.  
9: Current mood?: meh
10: Favorite color?: green
11: Least Favorite Color: pink, although I've gotten used to it recently and even wear it sometimes
12: Who you miss?: Heather
13: Who you last hugged?: my son
14: Who understands you?: I'm not sure anyone really does.
15: Someone who is always there for you: My family
16: Last Text?: my husband
17: Who’s a stranger: it seems my husband is, a lot of the time
18: Who makes you laugh the most?: Bridget
19: Who you do the craziest stuff with?: Heather 
20: Who makes you smile: all my parenting friends, lj and dw friends, the ontdcreepy comm, facebook friends, Heather
21: What are you listening to:'s wonderful
22: Turn ons?: men who like animals and children
23: Turn offs?: immaturity 
24: Best friends?: Heather
26: Your Favorite Movie: Oh god, I hate to admit this, but A League of Their Own.  
27: What you hate: people who never grew up and refuse to admit it
28: Who’s annoying?: Lots of people who shall remain nameless. (not because it's any of you, though...I love you all!)
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 So I got the link to the background check site and got that filled out and turned in.

I let the cat out of her crate and she promptly threw up on the office floor.  She hasn't thrown up at all since we started the new food and we're weaning her into it slowly and everything.  However, she did have a solid poop today, so yay! I just hope she doesn't start throwing up instead...

My cousin apologized for putting up stuff about my mom on facebook and she said she took it down.  I didn't think she had to do that, since anyone who was going to see it probably already did.  But I think she is more aware that not everyone knows what's going on yet and she didn't even say that mom told her it was an invasive cancer, so I'm not sure how she came to that conclusion.
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 Yay, I passed the crisis intervention interview!

It's not like I was sitting there clicking refresh in my e mail...okay, maybe I was checking it very frequently.  I got the e mail and paid for the background check and already sent it back in, so now I just need to get the info to go fill out the form for the background check, and they do it, and I start training :D

I sent a quick facebook message to my cousin who was talking about my mom's cancer on facebook and asked her to please be careful what she posts, because I had heard no such thing about an invasive cancer and that my mother is probably telling people as she feels comfortable.  I can understand why mom would tell her sister something, especially since her sister is a retired nurse.  But then I don't get why Robyn went and said something.  All because she was asking for prayers.  My mom isn't even religious, LOL.

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 Well, I asked the supervisor a couple follow up questions in an e mail and she answered them today, but didn't let me know if I passed the interview.  I think I can kind of assume I did, or she's a brat for answering my questions and then tomorrow being like "Oh btw you failed."  LOL. But I'm still waiting for something more official.

There is a lot more junk going on in my life that I've been avoiding talking about because my dad has ongoing shoulder problems, and my husband saw spots in front of his eyes the other day and was jumbling his words all up, but that happens on a normal day (the jumbling words) so we don't know what exactly happened because he was at work and didn't go to the ER or anything.

My mother told me she found out she has cancer BUT she doesn't know what type or where or how bad it is, and she didn't even really want to talk to me when I called her the day of her PET scan just to see how she was feeling.  Then my mom's niece (on my mother's side) posted that my mom has some type of rare invasive disease, but my mother told me no such thing, so is her niece making shit up or did my mom tell her sister something she didn't tell me?  My mom's sister is a nurse so I wouldn't be surprised at all if my mom divulged details that she wasn't ready to tell me yet, but it's really not cool for her niece to spill stuff on the internet.  I feel it's my mom's responsibility (and right) to let people know as she feels comfortable.

Then my dad asked me if my mom told me not to tell him about the cancer, because he found out through his sister.  (she didn't ask me not to tell him, for the record.) Oh, why can't people keep their mouths shut?  I mean, if my mom wanted my dad to know (they haven't spoken in years, as far as I know), she can tell him, right?  She can ask me for his phone number or e mail address and tell him herself.

Now I don't even know if my mom knows that my dad knows, and my mom probably doesn't even know that her niece said that about invasive cancer on facebook, because my mom never goes on facebook.  So I'm keeping my mouth shut.  I feel it's the best thing to do, right?

My family is not usually gossipy and dramatic.  I don't even have a tag for drama, that's how drama free my life usually is.

I got an e mail on the day my dad and stepmom were supposed to leave for Cancun (they travel often) and it said that my stepmom was having bad back pain and spasms so they cancelled the trip.  

My cat is sick. I mentioned that in the last entry.  We have her in the dog crate and she poops and pees on puppy pads and we change them.  She's still eating and drinking but she's shockingly skinny.  It's scary, really.  I gave her a bath today and it was just...well, shocking and scary are the best words.  But the good news is she only pooped once today and I let her out of the crate for a while and she didn't poop on the floor.

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 Oh what a hectic morning...

So yes, I did have my interview this morning.  But first, last night we were discussing our cat.  She's been ailing for months, but not so badly that we feel like she has a bad quality of life.  It can't be fun, pooping puddles on the floor all the time, and she has been losing weight, but she isn't like, lying on the floor obviously dying or anything, so we tried a lot of different things to help her and nothing helped.  So we thought maybe we were out of options, except that $1500 option to get her checked out further for things like cancer.

This morning my husband woke me up at 9 to tell me we had a vet appt. at 10.  I hadn't told him about the interview yet, so I had to tell him then that I couldn't do 10, and why.  He called the vet back and rescheduled for 9:20 which meant we had to rush.

We got a doctor I hadn't met before and he gave us 2 new medications and new food.  He seemed confident that we'd see results.  We set up our dog's crate for her so she doesn't roam all over and continue to ruin our floors.

When 10:00 came and went I went into skype and found that she had called.  Dammit!  Nothing popped up for me to answer, like I thought it would.  Fortunately, she kept trying.  I hadn't expected that and I was so grateful.  I took her call while I was still at the vet and went to sit in the car to talk.  My husband was with me, so he took care of the vet appt and he drove home while I was still talking to her and everything.  The cat was meowing in the background and she was laughing about it and took it all in stride.

Skype is...not great.  There were various snafus but she was very patient and kept calling me back.  She was so nice, and we talked a bit about livejournal which she's also a member of.  I think I did really well, considering I've never done a phone interview.  She was very casual so I didn't feel like I had to sound professional or anything.

So she said probably tomorrow or the next day I should hear back if I made it through to the next step of training.

I wish my husband were excited for me.  He's always just kind of meh.  I just want him to be like Yay for you! But that's not really his reaction style.  I know it's not a huge deal in general, but it's big, for me.  And who knows what it could lead to, right?  He says the only thing is, he wishes it paid.  Well, it doesn't but it could lead to something that does.

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I got a call earlier today from my son's doctor.  He has an appt. today and they were calling to tell me that the person we signed up to see (there are a few doctors and NP's all from the same practice there) wouldn't be in.  They reminded me that they sent out a letter in November saying I needed to reschedule, which I obviously forgot about.  What I wish is that someone had followed up with me sooner.  I'm especially irritated because my husband took a call confirming the appointment a couple days ago.

So now we have an appt. at 11 with a new doctor whom we've never seen, but I didn't want to reschedule because I've been needing this appt for months.  His birthday was in November and they couldn't fit me in until now. His behavior is driving me up the wall, and our relationship and interaction always being at odds is hurting his quality of life as well.

Also, I forgot that my husband has tomorrow off, because he has Mondays off and because today is MLK day he gets Tuesday off in observance of that.  So he'll be home during my interview tomorrow which I still haven't told him about.  I mean it's ridiculous that I haven't told him yet, but I kind of have this superstition about talking too much about something I'm working towards.  I'm afraid I'm going to jinx it, but I guess if that were true, it would already be jinxed because I announced it in my journal. 

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 So after looking like a total dork by asking the employee a lot of questions about skype, I have my interview set up for Tuesday at 10 a.m. eastern time. Anyone who's up around that time or earlier if you could throw me a few good thoughts it would be appreciated. I'm sure I'll remind you all again before Tuesday. 

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We Need To Talk About Kevin

Spoilers... )
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 So, it turns out that the  skype chat is just voice chat, not video.  That's a relief.  I got an e mail tonight with a date and time, but I've had a couple drinks and I don't feel equipped to answer the e mail right now. LOL.  The date is for next Tuesday morning.  I've never used skype though, have any of you?  Why couldn't they just call my phone instead of having to go through skype, if it's not video chat?

I'm kind of freaking out here, but I'm drunk, haha.  I just needed to tell someone that I got the interview, since I haven't even told my husband I applied yet.  I also have not told him about the blog.  I don't think he'll be happy about the light I portrayed him in for the first entry.

PS, please go back to the blog--I updated it today and tomorrow I will be updating the "About" link that is above the entry and possibly doing another entry.
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 So, I did two big things yesterday.

First, I applied to volunteer at a crisis intervention chat site.  You have to fill out an application and a survey and then you have to skype with one of their employees and then raise money to fund the training, and then you are supervised in real chat situations and then I suppose you're on your own.  (At any of these points, they can decide you're not right for the position and decline your application.) The chat platform, as opposed to a phone hotline, appeals to me because I'm not very good on the phone.  The down side is the skype interview.  I not only have to talk on the phone, but the person can see me while we do it?  I don't even skype with family members.  I've done very well, avoiding skype and facetime (an iphone thing) with my family members, and now I have to do it with a stranger.  Yikes.

But I'm really pretty excited about that.  I have always wanted to be a support for people.  Right out of high school I wanted to be a psychologist.  I was in peer support group and I was a mentor to incoming freshmen at my high school.  I was a mentor at church to younger kids.  Then I went to college and it was scary.  Unfortunate things happened and I dropped out but I always regretted not following through.  I'm less eager to go to college now because ugh, college.  So I think this training thing, no bullshit where you have to take classes that have nothing to do with what you want to do, will work out for me.  I'm home all day and can definitely set aside the couple hours a day they estimate it will take for me to finish the training in the allotted time.  (You  have to finish within a certain time after you apply or they drop your application).

I think that because I've dealt with depression and hopelessness (and still do), that I can help people who are experiencing it.  It's one thing to have never felt that kind of despair, and to imagine it and tell someone "I know how you feel", but you really don't.  That's not to say that people who haven't been depressed can't be good counselors. 

The next thing I did was create a blog.  I made it yesterday on blogger or blogspot or whatever is that's connected with Google and then I couldn't freaking find it when I finished and it wouldn't let me make a customized name so I was like,, and I couldn't find my way back to make another I moved it to Wordpress.  Custom name that makes sense, no weird login with Google+ or whatever, easy peasy.  

I've made many blogs.  If you dig deep enough you'll find my work on four or five different wordpress blogs and you might even find my first blog on diaryland, if it's still around.  But this, I hope this is for real.  My husband came up with an awful, superficial, stereotypical idea and I turned it into an idea I can live with.  If you read my first entry you'll get the whole story.

Now, this is how I am with new things.  I adore it for a week or two and then it gets tossed to the side of the path, strewn along with the other pieces of things I once thought I'd want to devote my life to.  And I find something new, and I think, "Now THIS, this is what I was born for", and that too gets forgotten.  This is where I need you.  How can you help me?  Visit my blog and spread the word.   If something resonates with you, you can like my posts, share them on your facebook or twitter or even link to them on your LJ or DW journal or wherever you have a website.

Oh, the link.  I'd appreciate it if you take a look.
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 My cousin is getting married in August.  He's getting married in Maine, at a place that is probably about 6 hours from where we live (and 4 hours for his immediate family, so it's not like it's convenient for anyone.  I'm not sure where his fiancee's family is from, but I don't think it's Maine.)  And I know that weddings aren't supposed to be convenient, but when we got married we didn't get married in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere.

Anyway, his fiancee has been sending out e mails with info on reserving a hotel room, and inviting people to stay up there for days before the wedding.  The hotel they're getting married at, where she booked rooms for us?  $200 a night.  

She hadn't mentioned what time the wedding is, so I asked her, so we could see if we could come back home that day or if we'd have to stay the night.  The wedding starts at 4.  Ends at? 11.

I'm confused.  She knows that our son is coming, who will be almost 8 by the time August rolls around.  What are we supposed to do with him when he wants to go to bed at 9, at the latest?  One of us go back to the room with him while the other hangs out at the wedding alone?  Both of us ditch the wedding and go to bed?  What the hell are we doing at a 7 hour wedding, anyway?  God...I hope nobody expects us to dance.

I mean, I guess she expects the people with kids to turn in early.  She's a first grade teacher (so she gets along great with my son)-it's not like she's clueless about kids and tired parents and such.  I'm just dreading bringing this up to my husband because he doesn't have many days off left since we were so sick in December and he's going to be annoyed about the 6 hour drive to Maine and having to stay overnight and do social things and stuff.  Sigh.

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So, we finished Breaking Bad on NYE. It was good! I was satisfied with the end, and I expected to cry-I even got a tissue in anticipation when we got up for a snack midway through. But I didn't cry.  

Here there are Breaking Bad spoilers )
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When I was re-reading the meme I did yesterday I realized I forgot that I went to the NKOTB 10 album release party. That was pretty exciting. I took my husband because he has never been to a NKOTB event besides the NYC Today show thing where we stood around the corner from the actual performance so I don't really count that. LOL. He poked a lot of fun, but I think he enjoyed himself more or less.

It was really awesome. It was in a small theater in Boston. Even though it's small we were so far back that it wasn't even really worth taking many pics. I just enjoyed it. They sang a bunch of songs from the album and then some girls who funded a full page ad in Billboard magazine thanking NKOTB for all they've done came out and presented them with the ad. It was pretty neat.

Confetti and balloons!

The view from our seats--see, not so close. But still-I was there!

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1. What did you do in 2013 that you'd never done before?
Went on a Disney cruise

2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I don't seriously make those. I make intentions but I don't really hold myself to them.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? No

4. Did anyone close to you die? One of my kitties did, sadly.

5. What countries did you visit? Does the Bahamas count?

6. What would you like to have in 2014 that you lacked in 2013? A job? Hobbies? Something worthwhile?

7. What date from 2013 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? No one date in particular.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Not really an achievement, but I left the UU church. It was sort of a big step for me and I'm still trying to figure out if it was a good one or not.

9. What was your biggest failure? Not improving as a parent as much as I hoped.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? In December I went in to get some bladder stones removed and after that the entire month was a disaster. We were all sick, one after the other, sometimes all of us at the same time, sometimes in rotation. I still have an irritating cough.

11. What was the best thing you bought? NKOTB Cruise tickets...again :P

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? My family, lovely as always and making me side eye pretty much every other family I hear stories about. Why do so many families have to be dysfunctional? I know everyone has their problems...but wow.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? My husband, mostly. My son, but he's 7. He has an excuse.

14. Where did most of your money go? Bills. The cruise, birthday and Christmas presents for our son.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? I...don't get really really really excited these days, which is sad. I guess I was mostly excited about the cruise, and my cousin's wedding and my SIL's wedding which are all this year (and not overlapping! yay!)

16. What song will always remind you of 2013? Carry On-Fun. I think it's pretty much the song for the rest of my life, now.

17. Compared to this time last year:
happier or sadder? About the same. Maybe a little sadder because things are the same.

Older or wiser? Mostly older :P

Thinner or Fatter? Fatter

18. What do you wish you'd done more of? Productive things

19. What do you wish you'd done less of? Being uptight

20. How will you be spending Christmas? This is how we can tell this is old. I spent Christmas with my husband, and then with my mom and her family and my family, and ended it with my husband and me opening our presents to each other.

21. How will you be spending New Years Eve? Sick, on the couch, struggling to stay up until midnight.

22. Did you fall in love in 2013? No

23. How many one-night stands? None.

24. What was your favorite TV program? Breaking Bad

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? Getting there :P

26. What was the best book you read? I don't really read, but I did start Little Star shortly after Christmas. Good so far :)

27. What was your greatest musical discovery? Fun. (I'm terribly mainstream)

28. What did you want and get? Some books, Lush products, and some things I didn't know I wanted

29. What did you want and not get? Wicked tickets! What the hell!

30. What was your favorite film(s) of this year? The Hunger Games

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? 34. It's bad...I don't remember what I did. LOL Must have been awesome.

32. What would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? Being with someone who makes me happy daily, not just on certain occasions

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2013? Jeans, t shirts, pretty much grubby casual like usual

34. What kept you sane? Sleeping in, spending my days alone

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? Joey McIntyre

36. What political issue stirred you the most? Animal rights

37. Who did (do) you miss? I miss people I've never had.

38. Who was the best new person/ people you met? my cousin's fiancee Jess. She seems wonderful and I'm happy for them.

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2013: I can't really say I've learned anything this year. Well, I have, but whether I'll put those things to use is another question.
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Every year my skin gets drier. This year is bad, partially because this winter got colder faster than most winters do. My palms are peeling. Sure, it doesn't help that I pick at them, but this has never happened before. My arms are dry and my chest is itchy, so bad that I don't wear a bra if I don't have to, which is usually, since I'm by myself most of the day, and wearing a jacket when I go out. The area where my underwear sits at my waist feels itchy all the time too. I have a myriad of lotions that I use, but I have a feeling that the hot showers I take almost every night don't help, either.

I figured out why I don't sleep comfortably at night. I like to roll up in a ball, especially now that it's cold. If I face my husband and do this, my knees will be in his back, and if I turn the other way, I don't have enough room. So it makes sense that I get my best sleep in that hour between when he gets up and when I wake up at 7, but then I'm super groggy and grumpy when I do have to get up. Also, my pillow got all lumpy last time we washed it. Must add that to the list of things to get at Target.

You all may have noticed the influx of articles on parenting lately, or maybe it's just me, because the majority of my friends on facebook are parents and tend to circulate those things. But anyway, it seems to be sort of a new thing (or at least more vocal) to embrace not being a perfect parent. Honey, I own the patent on not being a perfect parent. I've seen these articles so much and it seems to coincide with my husband's idea that I should have a blog. I already do, of course, but he means like a popular blog on my own website. And I was wondering, I've done my fair share of blogging about not being a perfect parent, and I like to write about that, but I don't know how I stack up. Am I a good enough writer? Is my voice interesting and relatable? I'd like some honest opinions on if you think I should attempt a website about imperfect parenting. (you can sort through my "parenting" or "my son" tags to see some of the stuff I've talked about) Those of you who have websites, or know people who do, I need help learning how to make one, and how to advertise wisely, and all that. I'm really interested in doing this. I've tried before, but it's discouraging to write and not see any return for the effort, which I guess is a common plight for a writer. I just need to find a way to get it off the ground, if I do it. Meh, just a thought.
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I'm feeling kind of bad for burning the bridges to my UU church relationships. Or lack thereof. LOL.

I'm still on facebook and many of my former acquaintances from said church are friends with me. None of them actually talk to me and that's where it gets awkward. Why am I still friends with these people? I got a friend request from someone who I knew at church and was part of the RE committee with me. I ignored it. Did he friend me to try to recruit me back? To ask me something? To finally ask why I left? I'm afraid to connect with any of these people now for fear that they'll try to draw me back to the church, where I really felt no connection and no friends. And it's funny, because it's not even one of those weird, recruity churches but I just felt so hounded after I was constantly asked if I was pledging, that I'm paranoid that that's the only reason any of these people would want to talk to me.

Then there's my son, who said he wanted to go back recently. Now I feel bad. "Can't you just drop me off?" he asked. I can't, really, because how weird is it to drop your kid off at church and not go yourself? LOL.

But it's very weird to want to, and yet, not want to respond to people who post things on facebook like the woman I thought I was friends with, who keeps saying we should get together but then makes no effort to. She asked if someone would be able to help entertain her daughter once in a while since her husband is a fisherman and is off on the boat for a few months now and she's feeling overwhelmed with the whole single mom thing, which I get. She's busy as it is. I wanted to respond, but would she want me to hang out with her daughter? She barely knows me. She probably has plenty of actual friends who she actually grabs coffee or lunch with, who her daughter actually knows and likes.

It's weird to see another former "friend" at karate and chit chat but never actually, you know, try to form a legit friendship. How do people do it? Am I really that boring? How do they know, when they never ask me a thing about myself? They don't know the first thing about the tv I watch, the music I like, what I enjoy doing with my son. What's so weird about me that they don't want to find out, and why do I feel like I have the social abilities of a 5 year old? Ask me if I like concerts. Plays. Musicals. Comedians. Good food. Museums. Coffeehouses. There is a real person in here. You just have to act interested enough to find out about her.
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I forgot to post another sweet story about my son. There is a Christmas movie that is my favorite, called A Child's Christmas in Wales. I remember watching it a lot as a kid but I'm not sure if it was an actual annual tradition. It came out on tv when I was a kid and for a long time my parents had a recording of that on VHS. It was crap quality as you'd expect and then after the divorce my dad ended up with it, but my mom loves it too. Years later, it came out on DVD and I bought one for myself and one for my mom. She was very happy to have it in good quality.

I made it a tradition for myself to watch it on Christmas Eve. The story is about Christmas, but it is told on Christmas Eve, so I always thought it was most fitting to watch it then. My husband watched it once and decided he didn't like it, and my son was too young to really be into it either, even though the content isn't over his head or anything. It's just a tad sleepy for the really little ones I guess.

Christmas Eve came and went this year and I hadn't watched it. We were busy visiting family, getting decorations ready, etc. Since we were all sick for most of December we were a little bit behind on things.

A couple days after Christmas, my son was ankle deep in Legos and I decided to finally sit down and watch it. I asked my son if he wanted to join me and he said, "I'll just glance at it." Heh. So I turned it on and within 2 minutes he was on the couch. "I like the part where he opens the present," he said. This happens at the very beginning.

A little ways into it he said he had to pee. I said okay, expecting him to just run off and miss a couple minutes. He looked at me expectantly. "Aren't you going to pause it?" he asked.

When he came back, he sat and watched the whole darn thing with me, and afterwards he talked about what he thought of it, and his perception of some of the scenes.

I like making traditions, but only if everyone likes them. I wasn't going to force him to make this tradition with me if he didn't want to, but I'm very glad that, at least this year, he enjoyed it.

We watched some other Christmas movies this year. Well, I'm not sure Home Alone can be considered a Christmas movie, but it takes place in winter, so I'm counting it. The other one was A Christmas Story, which I'm honestly not terribly fond of, but it took on a new feeling, watching it with my son. This is one of those traditions I was not so happy to be a part of as a kid. My dad loves this movie, and I think my mom does too. We used to watch it every year, and I thought it was just horrible. My son seemed to enjoy it, though.

We also watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which is an old favorite of ours.

I can't remember if I already said somewhere that we watched Elf, but we did, and we enjoyed that too.


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