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 Welp, that lamp is odd.  You set the alarm and I guess a certain time before your wake up time, the light starts turning on and gets brighter and brighter, simulating the rising sun.  Then if your ass isn't awake by the time the light is at the brightest you set it for, your alarm turns on, and you can pick from music or noise or nature sounds (ca-CAW!).  The first time I tried it I forgot to actually turn on the alarm, but we didn't have to be up until 7 and I woke up at 7:12.  This morning, the light didn't wake me up but the music did.  It's just that our room is already bright as day by 6 or 7 o'clock in the spring and summer.  The light is a good concept for someone who has to wake up when it's still dark, but they are not cheap.

I do like the lamp because if nothing else, it's really nice to have a light that you can adjust. I've always wanted to put all our lights on dimmers but I don't know if it is expensive or hard to do.

The little rainbow maker thing still does not spin. I read some reviews that say it takes a few days for it to soak up enough sun to spin around.  It's been 5 days and it's been a little cloudy, plus I can't find a perfect window that gets sunlight all day.  I guess I have to be patient-not one of my strong points.

I just got a package from Lush from my cousin.  I keep forgetting how cool their stuff is and the sad thing is there is one not far from me at the Providence mall and I don't think I've ever bought stuff there myself.  It's more fun getting their stuff as surprises.  It's neat because their stuff is so small I kept digging around in the foam peanuts and finding more things.

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 One of the best birthday wishes of the day? From Dan Wood, Danny Wood's father.  He's so nice to wish all his facebook friends happy birthday, especially on his own son's birthday!

I got two Doctor Who shirts, tickets to Wicked (I'm honestly getting a little tired of it, but my husband knows I love it so he falls back on it and it's cool, but he always seems to catch on to things as I'm getting tired of them, LOL), an alarm clock that glows brighter gradually so you wake up naturally, a Jamie Oliver cookbook from my aunt, and a necklace from my dad and stepmom.

Tonight my husband says I get to pick where we go out to dinner and I can't decide! I like the seafood place nearby, but we went there last time we went out.  Then there's Legal Seafoods, or the Mexican place that will surely upset my stomach for the next two days, or Not Your Average Joe's, which snootily asked us if we had a reservation last time we walked in.  I'm sorry, you're not that good.

Ah crap, I was going to try to go on the treadmill early today so I have more time before my son gets home.  Ta ta!


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