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I forgot to post another sweet story about my son. There is a Christmas movie that is my favorite, called A Child's Christmas in Wales. I remember watching it a lot as a kid but I'm not sure if it was an actual annual tradition. It came out on tv when I was a kid and for a long time my parents had a recording of that on VHS. It was crap quality as you'd expect and then after the divorce my dad ended up with it, but my mom loves it too. Years later, it came out on DVD and I bought one for myself and one for my mom. She was very happy to have it in good quality.

I made it a tradition for myself to watch it on Christmas Eve. The story is about Christmas, but it is told on Christmas Eve, so I always thought it was most fitting to watch it then. My husband watched it once and decided he didn't like it, and my son was too young to really be into it either, even though the content isn't over his head or anything. It's just a tad sleepy for the really little ones I guess.

Christmas Eve came and went this year and I hadn't watched it. We were busy visiting family, getting decorations ready, etc. Since we were all sick for most of December we were a little bit behind on things.

A couple days after Christmas, my son was ankle deep in Legos and I decided to finally sit down and watch it. I asked my son if he wanted to join me and he said, "I'll just glance at it." Heh. So I turned it on and within 2 minutes he was on the couch. "I like the part where he opens the present," he said. This happens at the very beginning.

A little ways into it he said he had to pee. I said okay, expecting him to just run off and miss a couple minutes. He looked at me expectantly. "Aren't you going to pause it?" he asked.

When he came back, he sat and watched the whole darn thing with me, and afterwards he talked about what he thought of it, and his perception of some of the scenes.

I like making traditions, but only if everyone likes them. I wasn't going to force him to make this tradition with me if he didn't want to, but I'm very glad that, at least this year, he enjoyed it.

We watched some other Christmas movies this year. Well, I'm not sure Home Alone can be considered a Christmas movie, but it takes place in winter, so I'm counting it. The other one was A Christmas Story, which I'm honestly not terribly fond of, but it took on a new feeling, watching it with my son. This is one of those traditions I was not so happy to be a part of as a kid. My dad loves this movie, and I think my mom does too. We used to watch it every year, and I thought it was just horrible. My son seemed to enjoy it, though.

We also watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which is an old favorite of ours.

I can't remember if I already said somewhere that we watched Elf, but we did, and we enjoyed that too.
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 I'm going to see how many Christmas movies we can get to this month.  Because I watch a lot of movies with my son it makes more sense for me to do Christmas movies rather than the Halloween movies all October like some people can do.  So, so far:

1. Miracle on 34th Street (newer version with Mara Wilson)
This was quite good, and I didn't really look into the plot, so being more spiritual than religious I was a bit turned off by the "In God We Trust" bit at the end, but it was a good, sentimental movie and my son enjoyed it too (he believes in Santa, so it was really nice for him to have that sort of validated).  I would have watched the original but my son wanted to see one in color. LOL

2. A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott
This is not my favorite Christmas Carol version.  I like the one with Alastair Sim, and the more recent animated one with Jim Carrey.  This one was good but was missing a couple details I like in the other versions and of course it is less "fun" than the Jim Carrey version.  However my son enjoyed this one too.  We have seen the animated one at least 3 times, but he wanted to see a different one this time.


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