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 Now, granted, I haven't watched her speech, but it's truly making me angry that Ellen Page's decision to come out is being heralded as "brave".  It's a sad sad world when it's a brave thing to tell people who you are.  I've always said, I look forward to the day when "coming out" is not even a thing.  Celebrities coming out shouldn't make the papers any more than a friend or a neighbor coming out.

I understand that it is a good thing when celebrities come out as gay or bi and help take a stand with the normal people of the world who don't have the reach that a celebrity does.  But I guess I'm having a problem with it being called brave.

What really is brave is when you choose something and you don't make an announcement about it and you just live it.  Being true to yourself is brave.

Whoever was a fan of Ellen Page and is not a fan all of a sudden now, was never truly a fan of her work.  You were a fan of whatever version of her that you cooked up in her head.  If you're a guy maybe you had delusional fantasies about her and now you feel that's been ripped away from you.  Just a heads up, you have just as much of a chance with her now than you ever did. Zero.

Like if my sneaking suspicion that pretty much all of the members of nkotb are die hard Catholics were confirmed (they are smart and don't talk about their religion or politics), and I stopped liking their music because of that...that doesn't make any sense.

Am I right?
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"I Love You" by Sarah McLachlan

You should listen to it, it's really beautiful.  I'm listening to it as I write this.  It reminds me of the first time I really fell for a girl.  It was my first year of college.  I had felt for a couple years that I was bisexual.  Looking back, I think it started much earlier but I didn't know what the hell I was feeling for quite a while. I started going to the GLBT meetings at college even though I I hadn't had any experience with girls, dating them or otherwise.  I really didn't fit into that group of women who had mostly already established that they were gay, but I liked to go and hear them talk...and check them out of course.

The I fell hard for her.  I was so extremely shy I could barely speak to her and I didn't even want to assume that she was into girls, even though, Hello, she was the president of the GLBT club and was totally butch.  She was a really interesting and smart person, and physical attraction aside I thought I could really get along with her but I was having a hard time adjusting to college and making friends.

I made small talk with her a couple times, and I ended up leaving that college after a year and a half.  To this day I regret not trying to at least be better friends with her.

Kim...I miss you, wherever you are. 
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I want just one good girl friend.  I thought I had it, I really did.  But I screwed it up, told her too much about myself a little too fast I guess and now I guess it's a little weird.  Our kids get along, but I never really wanted to have a friend just because our kids like each other, you know?  It's cute, but makes for some awkward moments.  Like when the kids go upstairs and my friend and I are left looking at each other.

I guess I should haven't imagined my life to be based around Sex and the City.  They don't make friends like that, but they do make guys like the assholes in the show.  Why is that?

One thing I have learned.  Some things don't end up like you hear in the stories.  Or they do, but they have a extra special little twist that makes you go WTF?  Something you never would have imagined, but there it is, and you wonder how you didn't think of it.  Like coming out to someone you have a crush on, and them being perfectly okay with it, but the twist is, they confess have a crush on you, but they cannot follow through with it due to certain responsibilities they already have in their lives, but now you know that about her, and she knows that about you and it's just...weird.  Have I lost you yet?

Another thing I have learned: never come out to someone you have a crush on, even if you think they have no feelings for you.  Sometimes just the fact that you swing that way can be enough to swing them your way.

Last thing I learned this past weekend: never argue with security guards.  They might know something you don't.  They might not be pushing you out of the aisle for no reason.  They may be pushing you out of the aisle because they're about to place a platform 2 feet away from you, on which a new kid on the block will be standing in just a few minutes.
So smile, look pretty, and ignore the fatass waving her arms in front of you, because in a few minutes it'll all be worth it.


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