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 I was about to go to the ONTDC watch along last night, it was coming up on 10 minutes before show time and I decided to go to bed. I just wasn't feeling it and I actually still didn't feel well.  Is it possible all those carbs I had on Thursday were still messing me up?  Sheesh.  Did any of you go?  I kind of wanted to see Lake Mungo again, but I kept remembering bits of it that freak me out and I'm glad I decided not to because I was creeping myself out anyway.  As soon as I fell asleep something would wake me up.  My son woke up crying in the middle of the night again and I went and slept with him for a while.  It always freaks me out when that happens. It would be one thing if he said he had a bad dream or something but what he said when he walked into our room was "It's making me cry again", and that just kind of bothered me. It's?

I'm signing him up for karate-unfortunately our first meeting with the teacher (sensei? is that what I call him?) isn't until the end of the month.  He heard that they have chore sheets and he was all excited to get one.  When I've been trying to get him to do a few simple chores for years and he cries that I give him too much to do.  I guess he's just a really self-motivated kid.


Apr. 16th, 2011 10:43 am
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I kept hearing weird banging noises this morning so I turned on my ghost radar app.  The first thing it said was "related" which kind of creeped me out.  Was my grandmother haunting me?  It was quiet, and then I heard another bang.  I looked out the window and there was a truck going by.  I said out loud, to myself, "Maybe it hit something in the road."  As soon as the words were out of my mouth, ghost radar said "road".  OMG, my hair stood on end.  Then it said "Bill" "hung" "information" and "depth".

I moved to another window and saw that our gate was open and it was banging against the fence.
Simple explanation for the banging, but the whole thing still gave me the creeps.
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Did we know that The Yellow Wallpaper is going to be a movie?
I was looking at the cast of Alien on IMDB (BEST MOVIE EVER BTW) and got lost in link-land and saw that the woman who played Lambert is going to be in it.
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...personal experiences?  Where are you?   I want to post my son's creepy Buzz Lightyear toy.  LOL

Bad FFA!

Jan. 14th, 2011 10:53 am
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I had a dream last night that the ontdcreepy ffa had a bunch of really creepy gifs and pictures in a row and I couldn't scroll past them fast enough :(  Damn you!
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I have my ghost radar app going and it said some interesting things.  It said July (there is a beam in our basement that says July 1928 and has a swastika on it), built, and German, amongst other things.
It also said hide, cannot, and quickly, all in a row, which kind of freaked me out.  It hasn't said anything in a while.  I played with some of the settings and I hope I didn't turn off the speech by mistake.  I also don't see any more colored blips.
I confess I tried to respond to the words it was saying, like when it said built I said "When was it built?" and that's when it said German, which doesn't really make sense, but maybe it misunderstood me.
Anyway, I see how the thing works--basically it could spit out any words and people would find a connection, because that's what we do.  We look for faces in the shadows and our brain makes all sorts of other connections that we don't even realize.  But it's still fun :)


Dec. 23rd, 2010 06:46 pm
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I just saw Joey Quinn from Dexter in Riding in Cars with Boys.  LOL
He looks better now (Although I have to say, he's bordering on too thin.  Eat some Christmas treats, Joey!)

Sorry I don't post much anymore...I go through blog phases, where I absolutely love it and then I lose interest.  I'm still very much into ontdcreepy (yeah I still haven't learned how to make that into a link, shut up).  I love you, creepies!
BTW...I don't remember who was in charge of the creeper grams...but I never got one :(  I hope whoever got mine likes it.

Merry Christmahannukwaanzakah, everybody!
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I have never seen Glee but I am recording it tonight for their Rocky Horror episode!  Remind your friends!


Oct. 22nd, 2010 09:27 am
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I know it's been a while! I've been active on ontdcreepy, but I haven't posted here much.
I ran away from my husband and son for a couple days. I'd finally had enough, I guess. I'm going back today, but there are some major changes to be made.

It's been fun at my mom's house. She got kittens yesterday, and she named them Misty and Luna. Luna was my idea because we were going with Spook but she's a girl and that sounded too boyish. She wanted Halloween names and I thought up Luna. Since it means moon, I think it goes well with Misty.

Mom is really more of a creepy than I thought. Even though she lives alone she has all sort of Halloween decorations around the house and she's always taking pictures of creepy things and sending them to me. I guess that's where I get it from!

I wish I were staying, because there's a movie theater that's playing the original Frankenstein, the original Let the Right One In, and Nosferatu in the next few days. There's going to be live music accompanying Nosferatu, since it's silent. Awesome.

However I am chaperoning a teenage sleepover at my church on the 30th and we're going to play hide and seek in the creepy basement (paired off, of course) We also might go to a haunted house at the high school. So good Halloween fun will be had.
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I teach a youth class at my UU church. The other day the older youth group came to invite us to their sleepover at the church the day before Halloween. I'm stoked! Church sleepovers when I was a teenager were awesome.

The bad news is, the sleepover is on a Saturday night. I'm going to miss the Halloween FFAC :(

I'll be sure to tell everyone if we do anything creepy! These kids are all about ghosts, past lives and Ouija boards, so I hope they're good and respectful and nothing crazy happens in this creepy old church.
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Well sort of.
I had a dream that I was somewhere (it was a pool or something, I think) and my favorite band was there. It's new kids on the block, okay? Leave me alone. I like to relive my childhood. Anyway, my favorite member (Joey) was sitting right next to me. As this dream started, I thought to myself, "Okay, don't wake up!" And I didn't wake up :) So I looked at him and said hi and we started to talk.

After that I didn't really have control of the dream, I don't think, but he and I had a really nice talk and I was a total dork. I said everything I would probably say in real life if we had a long talk. (I have met him briefly IRL but didn't have a long conversation)

So at the end of the dream, in true dork form, I said to him "Well I should go, I don't want to take up your whole day" *facepalm*! take up his whole day dammit! his whole night too! Oh...did I type that out loud?

If it was a true lucid dream I would have totally made an indecent proposal to him.
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I think ghost hunting shows are mostly pretty boring and bogus, but I think it's neat that Ghost Hunters is going to be at the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA where I lived as a tween and teen. I never spent the night there but have eaten brunch, checked out a couple music shows, and even considered it for my wedding. It's a quaint, old inn in the middle of Concord.

Actually, I don't know if they already were there, or what, but the show airs on SyFy on Sept. 15.
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I just stumbled upon this site that has terrible fan fiction ideas and it told me this:

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Dexter and Stephen King's IT.
The story should use a seemingly routine day as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

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I can't get it to fit, but fuck it. Basically it's a cartoon that says when you move to a new neighborhood, talk to your neighbors and if you don't have any crazy ones, you're it. And the neighbor is talking about how his psychic told him to stay away from pink and red, and the new neighbor is relieved because he knows he's not the crazy one.

This is awesome because I do have a crazy neighbor. (Phew!) We actually knew him before we moved here, but we didn't know he lived on our street. That might have been a deterrent, if we had known.

He used to come to the store my husband and I owned a couple years ago. We sold stuff that appealed to mostly males, starting mostly in the early teen years all the way up through mostly middle age.

Oh what the heck, maybe some of you actually know of it. We sold Warhammer stuff, other tabletop games roleplaying games, things like that. I know the roleplaying games are well known, it's usually the tabletop guys that I get raised eyebrows about. "Well you see, you buy little guys and you have to glue them together and paint them and then you fight against another person...yes adults are actually into this...sigh" (note: I am not making fun of the people who play this, but the fact that I have to explain it to people who feel that it is below them)

Anyway, we had a computer in the middle of the store that we allowed people to use to look up rules, compose army lists, things like that. And we found out this guy was buying porn from it. Normally I guess it wouldn't be an issue but like I said, we had children and families walking around the store at any given time.

Soooo imagine my chagrin when we were walking down the street just after we bought the house and we saw this guy. Him: "Hey! Hello!" Me: *facepalm*
He's very friendly and seemingly unaware that people don't really like him. He's such a creeper, too.
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This isn't too freaky, but stuff like this weirds me out:
I was flipping through a really old scrapbook I made in the early 90's (putting me at about 12 years old)

I found a picture of a boy I went to school with that I had pasted in there and a little blurb under it that I had written. The boy was hit and killed by a car on the Cape over summer vacation. The day he died is my husband's birthday. Ick.
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It figures that the day after the ffac I find like 6 creepy things in a row via stumbleupon. Next week...

I can tell you that I had to dispose of a mouse the other day. My cat came strolling into the kitchen with it and would not put it down, and when I finally got him to, I picked it up in a dustpan and ran outside with it at arm's length. I tossed it outside and then went down and threw some dirt on top of it. I did go back and check a couple times and it was indeed dead.
The next day, I took a look and all the dirt was disrupted and the mouse was gone.

I don't know if I'm more creeped out by thoughts of a zombie mouse or by wondering what kind of larger animal came and took it. XD
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Okay, so I'm sitting outside this morning eating my oatmeal and assorted fruit and out of the corner of my eye I see a something about the size of a quarter just hanging out on the side of the porch.  Upon closer inspection I found it to be a big ass spider.  If anyone can help me out with was brown and had two little white dots on its butt.  I didn't want to see this monstrosity in the house so I got my husband with his lethal bug spray that he uses on wasp nests and stuff.  He sprayed the thing and it was dead in seconds.  It's still on my porch...a little more interesting now that it's not a threat.

Fine.  So just now I was sitting here and I heard a loud buzz near my head.  I turned and a hummingbird was hovering not 3 feet away from me.  We don't have any hummingbird feeders, but I have seen them drinking from our butterfly plant.  Hummingbirds are wicked cute and everything, but just something about them that
close freaks me out.

Where are the bunnies?  I like bunnies.  Why can we never see deer or something instead?
OH!  And the night I watched The Innocents, I was lying awake thinking about ghosts and I heard squeaking.  Another mouse!  Augh!  At least it took my mind off the ghosts.
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I guess right now I'm happiest when I'm at the gym.  Scary I know.  I never thought I'd say that.  But I'm in my own little world, my son is in safe hands at the gym's child care, I'm just focusing on myself and my goals.  I don't listen to any song in particular at the gym.  If I remember to charge my iPod, I put it on shuffle and skip past the songs I don't like or that aren't motivating enough to work out to.  I have a LOT of Sarah McLachlan on my iPod and I love you Sarah, but I just cannot move quickly to your music.  If my iPod is dead I bring in my discman and one disc.  I like to listen to upbeat music of course, but it doesn't have to be dance music.  I like Dave Matthews Band, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, even sometimes NKOTB or Joey's latest solo EP.  Whatever gets me moving.  Unfortunately since I walk 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill, I have to listen to most CD's almost twice.  I might have to look into one of those compilation CD's.

I watched The Innocents tonight and OMG it was good.  I wasn't ready for some of the creepy moments though, except the one ontdcreepy showed when they're playing hide and seek. Just...gaahhh.  I had to go out to my car to get my book after it was over and let me tell you I don't think I've ever ran to my car and back so fast.  The poor kid at the end though, that made me so sad.  I'm sensitive to things like that, since I have a child of my own.  I wanted to go hug him.  (My son, not the creepy boy in the movie.)

The book I'm reading now is called The Magicians by Lev Grossman.  Husband and I are reading it together, 100 pages each week and discussing it at the end of the week.  We just started.  It's good so far, but not great.
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I just realized I'm not going to make it to the FFA tomorrow :(  Husband has the day off because we're going to a concert at night and I guess the plan is to try to con my inlaws into taking our son for most of the day and maybe catch Inception.
I didn't have anything amazing to post anyway, but I did stumble upon the ghost picture that was pretty much my nightmare fuel when I was about 8 or 9.  It looks fake to me now, but pure terror when I was that age. 
I burned almost 400 calories in 45 minutes today.  I had my first personal training session and he threw me on the treadmill at max incline and 2.7 mph and told me to go.  I joked, "Is it okay if I hold on?"
If my legs still work tomorrow, I'm going to have to do that every time I go to the gym (4-5 days a week, on average).
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I was at my mom's house and nearby, sort of in someone's backyard there is a big pile of granite and other stone scraps.  It looks like someone makes outdoor furniture or sculptures out of it.  I was looking at the scraps and feeling kind of weird about it for some reason.  At the same time I said "This is creepy" my mom said "Isn't this creepy?"  LOL
Also hear her house there was some weird abandoned shed that had a floodlight on it that was on.  In the middle of the day.  ON AN ABANDONED SHED.
Needless to say I forgot my camera.


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