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 I made a post a while ago requesting that people comment on my journal if they're reading it,  The truth is, I don't really expect that of you because then I'd have to hold myself up to that standard and I've realized I don't usually comment on things unless something really strikes me as OMG YES or OMG NO on my emotion meter.  Nothing feels more contrived than coming up with a comment on something you don't really have a comment for.  So don't worry about it, that was just my needy ego speaking.

I'll also admit I don't often read fanfic.  I don't expect you to read or like my NKOTB fanfic if I ever get into that again.  I might post it here just to have it somewhere but yeah, I know it's pretty insipid stuff if you aren't a fan so I don't care if you skip the whole thing.  Or it could be good for a laugh, so there's that. 

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When Lina became that age where she started listening to "adult music", in other words, something other than Raffi and other kiddie music, a band of teenage boys made their way into her heart. The youngest member, Jason, was her favorite. She and her then "BFF" Jennifer used to have heated discussions about the members, before you could look up everything on Google. How old were they? What was Jason's favorite color? What did they look for in a girl? These were pressing questions. Meanwhile, boys rolled their eyes, friends tried to convert her to "real music", and her parents got frustrated when she was caught writing out the boys' names instead of doing her homework, but she stayed a diehard fan until the end. Time went by, and Lina and Jen grew apart, especially after the group broke up. There was just not much left to talk about when there was no reason to debate about the members of a band that didn't exist anymore. It didn't occur to them that life went on for the boys, even though they were not in the spotlight anymore.

Lina was a typical girl. She was shy but could talk forever about her favorite things. She enjoyed simple things-movies, music, good food, hanging out with her best friends. She was never much of a party girl but she enjoyed daydreaming about boys, as most girls her age would. She was a good student and was involved in chorus and drama club from a young age.

Lina grew up, finished high school, dabbled in some interests, loved to cook. At some point in high school she got rid of all that "junk"--posters, shirts, sheets, hats and pins. She heard about projects Jason and some of the other guys were doing, but she thought that part of her life was over and didn't pay much attention. She got married, and her closest friends and family knew about her former obsession, and little by little she let her husband in on it. As she got older she found it was harder and harder to find friends who would still admit to liking Jason and his group mates. Sure, everyone had heard of them and loved them back then, but who had time for that stuff now? Lina was a believer in moving on. She believed life was a series of stages and phases that needed outgrowing in order to grow up.

Lina decided she wanted to make a career out of her love for cooking, went to school for culinary arts, worked a few random restaurant jobs, settled into a modest house with her husband and had a son who she ended up staying home with. She sometimes felt restless. She missed her younger carefree days before she had things to do and people to answer to. And then she heard the news. The boys were back in town.

On a warm, wet spring day, the guys announced their reunion. Oh cute, Lina thought. I'll get to hear my old favorites again. She was excited to see them on TV again, looking better than ever. At the same time, she was afraid of looking back. She'd left that part of her life so far behind, she could barely remember what it was like. There were lots of bittersweet memories-friends she had lost after the frenzy wore off and they found they didn't have that much in common, all the teasing she had put up what would they be like now? She was afraid they wouldn't be any good, that nobody would care anymore. She had no idea what she was in for.
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Okay, I said I wouldn't post much nkotb stuff here, but you guys are sort of ideal for what I'm trying to pitch here.  I have been writing a nkotb (new kids on the block) fan fic.  In case you newer people missed it before, I am a huge nkotb fan, particularly of Joey.
This fanfic is written with the intention of the reader being able to plug in almost any member of their favorite band.  I mean I barely talk about the other guys-the story is a romanced based on me (duh) and this character who is loosely based on Joey.  So I was hoping I could post it here and get some input since I know at least a few of you write.

For my creepies, no it's not creepy unless you consider an obsession with a boy band creepy. Ha ha.  So in my next post I will start what I have written so far.

Chapter 1

Aug. 4th, 2012 08:51 pm
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I posted Chapter 1 of my story.  Please check it out, spread the word to any fellow writers or critics, and leave some comments!
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Okay folks, I'm very nervous about this, so be kind. I've posted a story that's open to comments and rating. Here's the link

The basic synopsis is, girl gets an unusual proposition from her favorite celebrity and a romance blossoms. At this point I have an R rating on it but the section I've posted is G rated. I haven't decided if there will be any explicit sex scenes but if you do start reading my story, be aware that there may be some of that (and not all of it may be straight ;)) However there is cheating discussed so be aware of that too. (I'm trying to warn about any and all possible sensitive spots that may be included therein...)

Edit: come to think of it, I may bypass the whole cheating thing. I was going to have the main male character be married but I think that will add unneccessary drama to the story. Too cliche, and all that, and offensive to some.

As I said, be kind. I haven't really figured out how to be an editor to myself so if there are any glaring errors (I have problems with staying in the right tense, for instance) please do point them out. Hope you enjoy! More chapters to come...

Still here

Jul. 24th, 2012 12:29 pm
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Hey guys, I feel really bad I haven't been updating. It's just hard to get a moment's peace with a 5 year old. LOL

I've been writing--I guess it's sort of a fanfic romance thing. I have about 6 pages done in word-it's very piecey and choppy and probably not all that good but I was wondering if any of my dear readers know any really good fanfic romances that I could read to get some inspiration? Also, I'm looking for some good sites where I can get some feedback, or even a LJ comm where I can post under anonymous. I'm not sure I'm ready to put a name on this stuff yet. It's very, very, amateur. But 50 Shades is an incredible success, so I guess anything can happen.

I'm not sure how mature my rating will be--there will definitely be some sex scenes but not sure how detailed it will be. At first it was going to be an all-out porn but I'm having more fun developing the story instead, so we'll see.

That's it for now, I have to run to work. I'll update more, I promise.

Hi! I'm back! So yes. I have been writing, and I'm afraid writing a fanfic based on a person I'm very um, interested in, is not doing well for my obsessive nature. Well, that is to say, it's doing great for the writing, not so great for keeping my head out of the clouds. I'm not quite sure where it's going, as I mentioned before. But it is fun. So I welcome any advice, good websites, etc. you all can give me.


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