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My husband and I did the budget recently, and found out I spend a ridiculous amount of money at Target. Whenever I need just one thing there, I walk out with at least 5 other items. So I have tried to limit myself to $20 in expenses per day (not including grocery shopping)
I don't always stick to that amount, but it has helped me realize what I can reasonably do and how much I was going over the limit before.

Indulgences...I really enjoy eating out food. I don't like to sit at home and have peanut butter and jelly. The way our schedule works, I am usually out and about around lunch time so it is nice to stop somewhere and eat or bring something home. Food is really my weak point in more ways than one.

Please visit my current blog at I use livejournal mainly for the writer's block questions that interest me, but you can find out more about me, my family, my love/hate relationship with, well, pretty much everything, and the things that push my buttons, at wordpress.
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The most interesting thing I have found when googling my name is an image of my first and last name on a tombstone. It's my maiden name, but creepy nonetheless. There are dates on it too, and whoever it was died when she was 25. She lived in the early 1900's. If you click on the image you can see it comes from a genealogy website.
My maiden name is also the name of a tv show character, so most of my results are just about her.
If you google my married name in Images my facebook page comes up 5th. I kind of like being accessible though, in case someone I want to talk to is actually trying to find me.
However the first Katherine S________ who comes up on the Web section of Google is not me.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I used to say no.  I used to say I'd work for the privelege of my body looking good.  But now, no, screw that.  I want surgery, pills, whatever it takes.  Life is too short to stop eating cheese.  Life is also too short to hate my body at the age of 30.
I have been asked if I am pregnant at least 5 times over the last year.  I haven't been pregnant in almost 3 years and I actually looked better then than I do now.  Now apparently I either waddle, look ill too often, or carry too much weight in my belly.  Maybe all 3.  Every time someone asks me if I'm pregnant, I go home and cry.  Then I eat too much.  Then I work out with no results.
Yes, hand over those pills.


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