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 I told my husband I still need to buy something for one uncle and my mom (and send an amazon e-gift card but that's easy) and he said "Wow, you're really cutting it close!" Well, I'm not really, because there's just under a week before Christmas and I'm done shipping things.  Most years, I'm paying through the nose for next day shipping, praying it all gets there on time, still tracking down addresses, probably still haven't wrapped most of my things. On top of that, I usually have nightmares about having to give away my own possessions as gifts because I waited too long to buy things.  No nightmares about that this year.  

I've wrapped almost everything, except the mugs I got my mom and dad and of course the things I still have to buy.  But that's only 4 presents I have to wrap.  I LOATHE wrapping.  Be prepared for a pun.  I cannot WRAP my head around wrapping presents.  No matter how hard I try, I cut the paper too small, or crooked, and it ends up just a tad too loose, and the ends aren't right, and I've totally gone on ribbon strike for years now and now I just slap on one of those bows with the adhesive on it.  Wrapping presents is up there with ironing and scraping down the sides of a bowl on the list of things my mom tried to teach me that just wouldn't stick.  Yeah, I don't get it either.  It seems to have something to do with fine motor skills.  I give up.

To get an idea of how tragic this was for my mom, she prides herself on some things. Some of them being: looking neatly pressed in her clothes, making wrapped presents look nice, and cooking.  I can imagine her thinking "This is not my child!" when it turned out I was no good at the finer points of these tasks.  I turned out to be a better than average cook, but I still cannot iron, or wrap presents.  My mother used to make her own wrapping paper.  I kid you not.  One of her hobbies was marbling paper and she'd use it to wrap presents.  It was beautiful, but she didn't get it that the person usually didn't care about the wrapping paper.

What is my point with this entry? I don't know, other than the fact that I am feeling better than I have in weeks, my husband is sick and went to bed and I feel just too damn good to go to bed already but it also kind of sucks to be sitting down here alone so I'm trying to keep busy.

Oh! Who watched the OUAT winter finale--I was crying! (I may be getting my period) And how about that character spoiler for next year in the preview? I don't shout at the tv often, but when I do, I say "Are you kidding me?!"

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 I was just in the office and the phone rang.  It was my husband asking me to check when the milk expires, because he feels like crap.  I walked out of the office, and BOOM, it's snowing.  LOL.  I'm really glad I ordered boots for my son from zappos just now.  They should come in tomorrow.

The milk has not expired.

We went to my son's Christmas play last night.  It was really cute and they did a great job.  I didn't really like the story-it was essentially about a moose who wanted to fly and how Christmas is the time of miracles and in the end he did fly.  Like, really?  I was hoping it would be a message of "everyone has a different talent and well, moose can't fly, but maybe you could be a really good runner or something".  But no.  Miracles.  Okay then.  Not to mention the songbird who couldn't sing throughout the whole show and then all of a sudden she could.  

I mean yeah, it's first grade. It's not going to be a great story, LOL.

So I feel almost back to normal now, a week later.  In a day or two I might actually feel like walking on the treadmill again.  I'm afraid to look if I even lost weight, because I didn't have an alcoholic drink for the past week and that meant I didn't snack like crazy either, but when I did eat, I probably didn't make the wisest choices.  I had this weird hope that I'd lose a bunch of weight, but that's unrealistic.  

I watched OUAT today (no spoilers), and I gotta say I really like the switcharoo that's going on.  I'm sad that it probably won't last long because it's nice to see them in these completely opposite roles.

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 My Friday pm and today a.m. back to work went okay.  All was quiet so I didn't have to break up any disorderliness or anything.  The problem is when it's quiet I 1) start to feel sleepy and 2) start to focus on my anxiety and make myself feel worse.  I forgot how much anxiety wipes me out.  I feel like I could take a nap, but I know I will wake up feeling worse.  Nothing really helps distract me from it, especially not on the bus and this job is really bad for it because after I do the morning pickup and ride to school, I get to go home and think about it for 3 hours before going back for the pickup and drive to all their houses.

The pickup takes an hour and the drive to school takes half an hour.

I'd like to type more about it but I'm feeling more anxious already.  I hate this.

So...big NKOTB year.  Tour date announcement on Jan. 22, a single coming out this month and a new album dropping later in the spring (I believe they said March or April), another cruise and a tour this summer.  Joey said he was planning on going solo for a bit (as well as doing things with NKOTB) but haven't heard anything about that yet.

Donnie is keeping busy with producing a show about the Boston police department on TNT called Boston's Finest (not out yet)  Supposedly there is going to be a reality show about the Wahlbergs' burger joint, aptly called Wahlburgers.  

Oh and does anyone watch Once Upon a Time?  Spoiler under the cut...I thought there was a spoiler tool here? )


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