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 Now, granted, I haven't watched her speech, but it's truly making me angry that Ellen Page's decision to come out is being heralded as "brave".  It's a sad sad world when it's a brave thing to tell people who you are.  I've always said, I look forward to the day when "coming out" is not even a thing.  Celebrities coming out shouldn't make the papers any more than a friend or a neighbor coming out.

I understand that it is a good thing when celebrities come out as gay or bi and help take a stand with the normal people of the world who don't have the reach that a celebrity does.  But I guess I'm having a problem with it being called brave.

What really is brave is when you choose something and you don't make an announcement about it and you just live it.  Being true to yourself is brave.

Whoever was a fan of Ellen Page and is not a fan all of a sudden now, was never truly a fan of her work.  You were a fan of whatever version of her that you cooked up in her head.  If you're a guy maybe you had delusional fantasies about her and now you feel that's been ripped away from you.  Just a heads up, you have just as much of a chance with her now than you ever did. Zero.

Like if my sneaking suspicion that pretty much all of the members of nkotb are die hard Catholics were confirmed (they are smart and don't talk about their religion or politics), and I stopped liking their music because of that...that doesn't make any sense.

Am I right?
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 I thought about posting on my facebook page, but thought better of it because I really don't give two shits about the person I saw who was laughing about the weather situation in the south.  I don't need to be passive agressive to someone I barely know or care about.  I save that for those I know :D

I have to admit I did shake my head when I saw my former boss, who now lives in Nashville, post a couple weeks ago about how his daughters' school cancelled because they got a dusting of snow, but then another friend in Georgia (who is also formerly from Massachusetts) posted a traffic map today with all sorts of alerts on it and essentially said people are stuck on the road because they didn't properly cancel school or work openings and now everyone is on the road at the same time because they finally did let school and work out early and things are icing up real bad.  It was a new perspective for me on just how dangerous snow is when you're not prepared for it.

We may call them amateurs but that's exactly it.  The north is prepared for this.  We sell winter clothes and tires that can handle ice and snow, we have plowing systems and school and work cancelation policies in place.  The south does not, so they have to plan accordingly.  It sounds like, in this case, they did not.

It's not funny.  Imagine it happening to you, or your kid.  Is it funny anymore?

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Every year my skin gets drier. This year is bad, partially because this winter got colder faster than most winters do. My palms are peeling. Sure, it doesn't help that I pick at them, but this has never happened before. My arms are dry and my chest is itchy, so bad that I don't wear a bra if I don't have to, which is usually, since I'm by myself most of the day, and wearing a jacket when I go out. The area where my underwear sits at my waist feels itchy all the time too. I have a myriad of lotions that I use, but I have a feeling that the hot showers I take almost every night don't help, either.

I figured out why I don't sleep comfortably at night. I like to roll up in a ball, especially now that it's cold. If I face my husband and do this, my knees will be in his back, and if I turn the other way, I don't have enough room. So it makes sense that I get my best sleep in that hour between when he gets up and when I wake up at 7, but then I'm super groggy and grumpy when I do have to get up. Also, my pillow got all lumpy last time we washed it. Must add that to the list of things to get at Target.

You all may have noticed the influx of articles on parenting lately, or maybe it's just me, because the majority of my friends on facebook are parents and tend to circulate those things. But anyway, it seems to be sort of a new thing (or at least more vocal) to embrace not being a perfect parent. Honey, I own the patent on not being a perfect parent. I've seen these articles so much and it seems to coincide with my husband's idea that I should have a blog. I already do, of course, but he means like a popular blog on my own website. And I was wondering, I've done my fair share of blogging about not being a perfect parent, and I like to write about that, but I don't know how I stack up. Am I a good enough writer? Is my voice interesting and relatable? I'd like some honest opinions on if you think I should attempt a website about imperfect parenting. (you can sort through my "parenting" or "my son" tags to see some of the stuff I've talked about) Those of you who have websites, or know people who do, I need help learning how to make one, and how to advertise wisely, and all that. I'm really interested in doing this. I've tried before, but it's discouraging to write and not see any return for the effort, which I guess is a common plight for a writer. I just need to find a way to get it off the ground, if I do it. Meh, just a thought.
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 Still falling apart. I am the only one who is really sick now, although Josh still has a slight cold and my husband hasn't been getting enough sleep (because I've been sleeping in and he gets up with Josh).

On top of that, I burned my fingertips when I touched a hot pan and now my skin is peeling and I can't leave it alone.  

We bought some new bath towels and drinking glasses today and that was nice, I enjoy buying new stuff.

I've lost my patience with my son so much lately.  He just seems like he's completely oblivious to any type of etiquette or common sense.  He demands things and doesn't appreciate them when he gets them.  He begged and begged for Minecraft, we (well, Santa) got it for him and he's played it like, twice.  He expects perfection from everyone and everything and becomes irrational when he doesn't get it.  He still interrupts, doesn't use his manners, sometimes he doesn't speak when spoken to...and then he goes to his therapist and pretends everything's fine.  "We haven't fought lately" he says, even if we just had a huge meltdown that morning.  I let him go in to talk to her alone, because I want him to feel free to talk without me sitting right there, but I think I still need to go in there more often.  But when I do, it seems like we don't make any progress and I'm not sure if talking at him about manners and behavior is helping.

I hate the kind of mother I have to be with him.  I hate that I can't be gentle and let him lead the way because with him, if you give him an inch, he takes a mile.  I've had to become a lot more controlling than I want to be.  I didn't want to have to be so firm but he is too headstrong.
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 Sick watch 2013

My throat is on fire again, and I just got my period so naturally I feel like crap.  My son is still under the weather, and my husband felt shitty yesterday and said he fell asleep at the wheel at work today.  Not enough sleep, he said, except we got home at 8 after Christmas with my mom's family and we just stayed up doing each other's presents and then goofing around on the computer.  It's totally in his power to go to bed at 8:00 every night but he doesn't want to.  Can't say I blame him.

I fell asleep on the couch today and my son kept talking to me.  I heard him say "I love you" and I opened my eyes and he said,  "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up.  I was hoping you'd hear it in your dreams."  Aww.

I got some great presents for Christmas.  I know I have a LJ friend who's a big Amanda Palmer/Neil Gaiman fan but I can't remember who it is.  I got their "Night out with" CD.  I like Gaiman, in that I like his DW episodes a lot and I liked Neverwhere, which I read in college because the guy I was dating was a huge Gaiman fan.  I liked the Sandman comics that I read back then, and I've read a couple of his children's and YA books which I enjoy, and I like the speeches he makes when he's just talking about inspiration and just being you and putting yourself out there, but I am not really digging his adult books anymore.  I don't know why, I feel like I don't have the capacity to sit down with it anymore, which is sad.  But I hope I enjoy the CD.

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So my son is in a Christmas play at school on Monday night, and I thought he didn't need his costume until then so I haven't bought it yet (he's an elf and they want us to buy a turtleneck and sweatpants and they provide the elf costume)

Today I got a paper sent home in his bag saying they are taking pictures of the kids in their costumes tomorrow, so my son and husband ran out just now to get it.  Target had nothing that would fit him so now they're going to Walmart.

I just don't understand how they expect everyone to operate on such short notice. What if the parents work and don't get the letter until late tonight?

I had a procedure done at the hospital yesterday to remove some bladder stones (I posted about it at LJ but forgot that I need to post it here for it to crosspost, so if you missed it, go check over there).  I'm in some nasty discomfort and the pain meds aren't helping.  I felt crappy all day and basically sat on the couch.  Managed to drive to karate to sign him up for the black belt club (new uniform, one extra class per week, more equipment and moves to learn).

Edit: Walmart doesn't have any sweatpants or turtlenecks either, so now they are going to the mall! Poor guys.  Guess I shouldn't have waited until last minute.  Still would have been nice to know they needed them tomorrow, not Monday.  Grrr.
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 This morning I was taking my son outside to wait for the bus and there were two rather large dogs across the street sniffing around the trash bags that were waiting to be picked up.

I called animal control and an answering machine picked up, and it said if it was a pet issue to call the animal rescue instead.  Both dogs had tags so I called animal rescue and got a message there too.  I left a message saying where we live and describing the dogs, but what else could I do?  I can't take them in-we have a very energetic dog and an elderly, slow cat. Plus how do I know the dogs are friendly, and healthy?  They didn't approach me, but they didn't run away, either.  They hung around for a few minutes and by the time I was off the phone, they were gone.

I felt bad, but now at least if someone calls looking for these dogs, animal rescue will have a message saying they were here at about 8:30 this morning.

They looked well fed and groomed, at least, so they probably haven't been out for long. 

We may not go to Boston on Thursday.  I'm going into Boston for an appointment tomorrow, and my husband has been sick since Thursday night and he's lost his voice and feels crappy.  He tried to see if he could work with someone else today (because it really doesn't look good for Comcast if you're sending someone with no voice out to communicate and work with customers) and his boss didn't even answer his text, so he's working a normal day by himself.  He called me earlier today and I would be terrified if this was the Comcast employee I had to speak with.  He can't speak above a whisper.

So anyway, the Boston thing will be on TV anyway, so I don't mind just watching it.  It's not like we'd be able to sit close anyway.  Might as well curl up nice and warm on the couch and watch it.

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 stolen from magenta_girl at LJ

1. What time did you get up this morning? 7 on the dot.  My son wakes up super early but I ask him not to wake me up until 7 (and I set an alarm in case he sleeps late, but that never happens)

2. How do you like your steak? medium rare

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? We saw Catching Fire yesterday! Good stuff.

4. What is your favourite TV show? I think Once Upon a Time, just because the story is so involved, I love fantasy and fairy tales, and if I had all the shows that I watch at my fingertips on the same day, I'd pick that one

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? A tropical island.

6. What did you have for breakfast? A bowl of grits with Parm cheese mixed in and a sugar free Red Bull

7. What is your favourite cuisine? Man, tough question! I don't depends on my mood.  My top favorites are Mexican and Japanese.  Or good old American, like good pub food.  I used to love pasta the best, but I can't do that so much anymore.

8. What foods do you dislike? Most vegetables especially squash and summer squash, bleh. I like a good salad though, and most raw veggies

9. Favourite Place to Eat? Not Your Average Joe's 

10. Favourite dressing? blue cheese

11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2012 Ford Focus

12. What are your favourite clothes? I finally found some jeans I like. I only have a few tops that still fit me but I like them all equally.
13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? European tour

14. Where would you want to retire? The beach

15. Favourite time of day? Late at night

16. Where were you born? Massachusetts

17. What is your favourite sport to watch? Competitive cooking? LOL

18. What's your dream job? Famous chef

19. How many siblings? none

20. Favourite pastime/hobby? cooking. it's one of the few things I like to do and am good at.

21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this? I look forward to all equally

22. Bird watcher? No, I like to watch them on the feeder but that's about it

23. Are you a morning person or a night person? Night person
24. Do you have any pets? a dog and a cat

25. Any new and exciting news you’d like to share? The news is always about my son, not me.  LOL.  

26. What did you want to be when you were little? a veterinarian

27. What is your best childhood memory? Getting my cat (who has long since passed).  I think it was Christmas, or my birthday.  I can't remember.  But they had me sit in a chair and shut my eyes, and they put her in my arms.  Best feeling ever.

28. Are you a cat or dog person? cat

29. Are you married? yes

30. Always wear your seat belt? yes

31. Been in a car accident? yes

32. Any pet peeves? Poor spelling, inconsiderate people

33. Favourite Pizza Toppings? black olives

34. Favourite Flower? Roses

35. Favourite ice cream? A sample spoonful of whatever sounds best at Coldstone Creamery.  They have awesome flavors but I really don't need more than a bite.

36. Favourite fast food restaurant? I don't really eat fast food anymore, but if I had to pick, I guess Taco Bell because it has the least bread (bread tends to upset my stomach)

37. How many times did you fail your driver’s test? I think I passed it the first time.

38. From whom did you get your last email? The last one I really cared about was the link to my son's report card.

39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Lush

40. Do anything spontaneous lately? Not really....Boo!  There, now I did.

41. Like your job? I don't have one.

42. Broccoli? not usually

43. What was your favourite vacation? Spain in high school. I mean I have taken a lot of vacations that have been awesome but that was cool for a lot of reasons.  Three words: beer vending machines.

44. Last person you went out to dinner with? My husband

45. What are you listening to right now?'s so nice. 

46. What is your favourite colour? green

47. How many tattoos do you have? one

49. What time did you finish this quiz? 9:32 am

50. Coffee Drinker? Sometimes
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 A rumor of Game of Thrones by Telltale Games? Yes please!  (maybe it will help me understand the show better, lol)

I thought they only put out TWD and TWAU, but I looked at their site and they have a bunch more.  Maybe after I'm done with TWD I'll check something out, like the Back to The Future game might be fun.  If it's based on the first movie, I'm all over that.  

TWD has some tough moments though, my goodness.   Being a mother, I'm pretty sensitive to issues involving children and there are quite a few of those.  

I'm at a point where I might have to leave some characters behind and I've already got a couple on my shit list, so I hope I get that opportunity.

It looks like Catching Fire is getting even better reviews than the first one, and I'm excited to see it but I don't know when we'll get the chance :(  Frozen also looks good and my son will want to see that.  We might have time on Saturday, but I'm not sure.  He has his sleepover then.

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 I went to Petco this morning and saw something that reminded me of my rant yesterday.  There were two iced coffee cups on one of the shelves.  (Yes, you might be from New England if it's 34 degrees out and you're drinking iced coffee.  One of the employees admonished her coworker for not wearing a coat, but said nothing about the iced coffee she was bringing in.)

Thing is, the store had just opened.  So either the employees left the coffee there, or they didn't clean it up from a previous day.

I wanted to find some canned grain free food because I read that is good for cats who are prone to diarrhea, as my cat is.  She's old and crotchety and poops everywhere.  Gotta love cats!  I did not find any canned food except in individual cans (I was hoping to find something in bulk) and even then I couldn't find any that was grain free so I picked a dry food that said grain free and added some water to it (along with a scoop of her old food, to ease her into it).

I figure, I know she's probably nearing the end of her life, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna grab a few cans of Fancy Feast and call it a day.  I gave her a can of tuna yesterday and she gobbled it up.  We've tried so many kinds of food, I don't even know.  It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't poop on the floor.  My husband thinks it's psychological, but that doesn't explain the diarrhea, and the vet didn't find anything wrong either.  Puddles of poop are not fun.

I talked to some other moms I know online and got a lot of feedback that not many kids go to birthday parties.  (yes, I'm still hung up on this birthday thing) I find this kind of sad, but at least now I know I should invite more of the family.  I found out through my mom that my aunt was kind of hurt that we didn't invite her and her family to the party.  She called on his birthday and I explained to her that we just had a couple kids over from his class.  I honestly didn't think extended family cared to go to kids' birthday parties.  My bad!

It's awkward because my parents are divorced.  My dad and stepmom were on vacation on Josh's birthday this year, so I didn't have to worry about inviting them, but most years, it's a struggle with the holidays especially since I have in-laws, too.  Before we had Josh we used to go to three different homes on Christmas (none of them particularly close together, either).  Now we pick and choose.  My dad and stepmom like to get together a couple weeks before Christmas at a Chinese restaurant in my old hometown because there is good shopping there.  The restaurant isn't very good anymore, but it's tradition, and they seem to like it, so I don't say anything.  It's nice to see them before the craziness of Christmas day and then on Christmas we usually go to my mom's brother's house and hang out with his family which is a lot of fun and I always drink too much wine and get a little sentimental.  So does everyone else, though, so it's all good.

So anyway, back to my point.  My parents basically haven't talked since I turned 18 (they got divorced when I was 16) and my mother, after all this time is still bitter towards my dad so I never really want to invite them to the same thing if I can help it.  At the same time, I know they both love Josh (and so do their SO's) and want to see him on his special day.  So it's hard.  Then, nobody really likes my MIL, either, and she smokes which my mother is really sensitive to, so they can't be at the same place at the same time either.  LOL. It's like a crazy algebraic word problem.   "If Jackie and Sherry can't be together but Jackie and Ross can, however nobody really likes Jackie anyway and Kate just wants everyone to be happy...who can see each other on what day?"
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Inspired by:

What shoppers want retail workers to know

We know you hate your job.  But it is your job.  We also don't want to hear how much you hate your job while you are clocked in at said job.  Save it for your friends and family and pets when you get home.  It's not cool to be walking around with my young child and hear choice language on how much your job sucks.  

It is your job to make the displays look nice.  I'm sorry I can't board fold without a board or that by the time I realized I picked up the wrong size socks, I was in the home goods section so I put them on the shelf.  If I brought them all the way to checkout, you'd still have to put them away.  You get paid to put it back.  I don't.  I'm also sorry you only put trash cans at the entrance of your store.  While I was trying to board fold that sweater for you, I had to put down my coffee and I forgot to pick it up again.

When you ask how I am, why is it so hard to answer when I reply "Good, how are you?"  Since when do I have to answer you, but you don't have to answer me?  Also, don't be that employee who actually bitches to my face about his job when I ask him how he is.  That will pretty much guarantee that I'm not going to ask you how you are anymore.

Re: returning items in stores where you bought them.  So when I go to a random trip to my mother's house and I happen to buy something at the Target there, you want me to trek up there and bring it back when there's a Target around the corner from me?  Got it.  Not likely though.

Re: me picking up my phone when I'm in line, I'm sorry it makes YOU feel awkward, but maybe I've just gotten a call from my son's school, or a family member in need.  Maybe I can multitask paying and talking at the same time and it doesn't really matter if I want to talk about how so and so is a whore, because I'm not the face of the company, but you are, and you still think it's okay to talk about the badass fuckin' party you had the other night or how you're so fuckin' hung over when I'm walking by with my 7 year old son.

Re: kids.  I'm not a neglectful mom.  The best mom will probably lose her kid in a store at least once, and suffer the wrath of some poor employee who had to do their job, unless she puts him on one of those leashes, and then she deals with disapproving looks because she has a human being on a leash.  Moms really can't win.  My son has run off twice.  It's not that I'm not trying or that my kid is reckless.  It just happens.  I'm so sorry you have to deal with finding a lost kid but at least you didn't have to deal with the panic of it being YOUR kid.

Re: finding items that are hand written instead of visuals.  Really?  You don't know where you keep your brown belts, but if you had a picture, that would help?

Lastly, here's the thing with receipts: They're easily lost.  When you hand it to me instead of putting it in the bag, it goes into the recesses of my purse which is quite small but apparently bottomless, because I'll never find that thing again.  Here's another thing.  Your website says if I bring in the card with which I made the purchase, you can do my return.  You'd just rather not look it up.

Retail employee, get over yourself.

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It's not a new game, but I have been playing Telltale Games' The Walking Dead recently.  Last night almost broke me though-I had to kill one of the kids in my group who was going to die, and turn.  Well, we think he was going to die.  We couldn't really risk it.  It was horrible though.
edit: woops, I remember now, the kid was bit.  So he would have died, but he was taking a terribly long time about it.  

Another game Telltale Games does is called The Wolf Among Us.  It's really good and it's quite like Once Upon a Time.  A bunch of fairy tale and fantasy characters are living in the real world but they must stay cloaked so they appear to be regular people.  

Both of these games are done in episodes and only the first episode of Wolf is out.  The first season of the Walking Dead game is out, but I'm only on episode 3.  I can't remember how many there are, maybe 4 or 5.  

They're both heavily based on decisions you make.  You have to pick sides and make hard decisions and the rest of the game play is affected by those decisions you make.

I had a big fight with my son this morning.  Did I mention I hate fighting right before he goes to school?  I hate it.
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I'm happy to see that both packages I'm expecting are coming in today, including the one that was originally estimated to come on Thursday, and I could really use it on Wednesday because it's for the play my son's in and she wants their costumes in by this week.  It's just a suit, and I was so lazy that instead of going to the store down the street I ordered it from the same store but online.  Ha!  I'm such a dork.  But now he'll have a suit, assuming he doesn't grow out of it before he gets a chance to use it.

The other thing is my new sneakers which I was hoping to use today but I have to pick up my son at school in an hour and the sneakers aren't here yet.  I wanted to go on the treadmill, but I raked a bunch of leaves instead, so I hope I burned a bunch of calories doing that.  Maybe tonight I'll have time to go on the treadmill.

Gave the dog a bath, which he really doesn't like, but he did pretty well.

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 re: People complaining about not being ready for early trick or treaters: How long does it take to dump some candy in a bowl?

My son went out early because 1) it was going to rain and 2) he was coming down with something and he wanted to go before he felt worse.  We headed out around 5:00 (for the record, a kid came to our house even earlier than that).  It's a good thing we did, because we walked around our neighborhood and he was done.  He wanted to do nothing but lie on the couch until bedtime after that.  

So sorry to inconvenience the people who forgot it was Halloween, or whatever the excuse was.  
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 Over the last few days I noticed that my hands were stained blue in certain places.  I couldn't figure out why the heck that was happening.  Yesterday I noticed that my legs were blue too! What the heck!  So I used a combination of my soap and shampoo products and managed to scrub it off and that's when I realized, my jeans were staining my skin blue!

I'd never had that happen with a pair of jeans.  Gross!  I guess that's why they want you to wash them first.

It's good to know I can still have those dreams about getting lost at school, skipping class, forgetting homework, etc.  Those are great dreams.  Really.

It's been almost 10 years since I attended a school, brain!  Let it go already!

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 I think the people at Target kept more things than I realized.  All they gave me back were the clothes.  I bought cereal and adhesive dots (to stick the wicks to the bottoms of my candles).  I'm still pissed about the tomatoes.  I don't understand why they only gave back half my things.

I didn't even bother going back today.  I dropped off my son's homework that he left at home, and went to the bank to deposit the check my mom gave me a month ago for our anniversary.  I'm really lazy about doing errands.  I still have cans in my trunk that I need to return.

My son has early release today so I've got to be ready for that in a few minutes.  We have things to do though--I was thinking of asking if he wants to take a walk with the dog--we haven't done that in forever.  I have a couple things I recorded off the tv for him, and he might have homework or a project he wants to do.

Tomorrow my husband is getting Lasik surgery, so send out good thoughts for that, if you could.  I hope it works and that he doesn't go blind.  I haven't told my parents yet because I don't want to jinx it.

I heard a song the other day that is one of my favorite songs but kind of reminds me of an era that has passed.  It makes me think about all the time I spend thinking about the past, thinking about people I've lost touch with.  At least a couple times a week I think of the same 2 or 3 people and wonder if I should try to track them down, and then I wonder what good it would do to tell someone after years of not speaking, that you miss them, or think about them often.  If we really cared for each other that much we wouldn't have lost touch in the first place.  Right?
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 Just realized that my vegetarian/vegan friends/friends who hate fast food were probably throwing up after the food descriptions in my previous post.  Sorry about that!  

I was happy to see the e mails coming in that some of my candle supplies have already been shipped.  Ordered a couple things from Lush, too, but haven't heard anything about that yet.  I wanted to get more than I did, but I felt bad because 1) we're low on money already and 2) there is a Lush store a half hour from me.  I just hate driving to and from there because it's in a giant mall with the parking garage from Hell.

So, one irritating thing my husband does is this: after we've said goodnight and rolled over or assumed whatever positions we do, my husband falls asleep. (wait, that's not the irritating thing)  He falls asleep pretty fast.  It takes me a long time to fall asleep (at least 20 minutes, usually longer).  It never fails that if I move or roll over after he has fallen asleep, even though I myself may be half asleep or all the way asleep, he wakes up and TRIES TO HUG AND KISS ME AND SAY GOODNIGHT AGAIN.

This would be fine if he wouldn't wake me up all the way. Just a quick kiss and roll over, I can deal with that.  But he's like "Goodnight Kit" or whatever he says and if I don't respond he gets all butthurt.  I am tired of being woken up every night.  If I could fall back asleep quickly I wouldn't mind either, but it takes me another 20 minutes or more to fall back asleep!

Last night I just knew it was going to happen.  I was half asleep.  He was asleep, holding me and I can't sleep like that for very long, so I moved to roll over and I felt him wake up and move.  I mumbled "I'm asleep" because I was close enough that I knew if he woke me up all the way I'd have a hell of a time getting back to sleep. He was like, "I can't even get a kiss goodnight?" and by then I was all the way awake and I reminded him that we already said goodnight and that he had already fallen asleep.  He was all mad that I didn't want to wake up and say goodnight again.  And then it took me half an hour to fall asleep again.

I am so tired of this happening!
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 My husband bought me a four pound block of wax at the craft store today! I wish I had some dyes, because I have some essential oils (I think I'm going to shorten that to EO) lying around and I'm anxious to try them out.  I should probably wait until I have the dyes.  I found a neat website that has dye blocks that supposedly come with a good chart that tells you how much of each block you need for different shades of each color, but last time I checked, their online ordering was down, so I may have to call them.

I also need containers for the candles.  Drat.  And wicks.  Looks like I'll be making orders tomorrow and waiting for everything to come in. Patience!

I also have a little extra money to spend on clothes so I'm not wearing my one pair of jeans and the sweater that still fits all winter, heh.  I also want to make a purchase from Lush.  I need some good face wash and more toothy tabs-I want to try a different flavor.  I also want to see what other things they have that are geared towards kids.  He likes his play doh soap/shampoo/bubble bath.

I weighed in this morning and it looks like I have my work cut out for me.  I'm still blogging on, so you shouldn't see too much about the weight loss or diet here.
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 Ricky Gervais replied to me on twitter!

He's a British actor, he's done a few movies and lots of tv shows, and he was on the British version of The Office, and now has a Netflix series called Derek.  I just started watch it a couple days ago and I tweeted him to tell him I like it.  He said back, "Cheers".  Yay! 

The plumber came this 7:30.  Remember that 8-10 time frame? He didn't, apparently.  So there I am in pajama pants and a white t shirt  with no bra and he rings the doorbell and doesn't even introduce himself.  Now I'm sorry but I'm supposed to trust a guy who shows up in an unlabeled white truck with a toolbox and won't even tell me who he is?

I am the trusting kind, so I let him in and he doesn't murder me, he hooks up the new dryer and then is surprisingly eloquent when he comes back upstairs and says that he doesn't think the old dryer is blown out, after all.  He thinks it was the power strip we were plugging it into.  After he left I called my husband and he says he tried the dryer in the other plug and it didn't work either.  Huh.  Well, it works now, and we have a spare dryer.  Cool!

Speaking of, I have a load of laundry that needs to be dried. 

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 I feel like all my communities are fading away :( I left my UU church.  NKOTB isn't doing anything, so there's nothing to talk about with those fans.  My small mother's group that spun off of a bigger website had a falling out, and then another one, and all of a sudden it feels like people I've been friends with for years are just gone, or not what they seemed to be.  I heard from one of the moms I talk to frequently, that another one of us was "mean girl" to her and while I think this "mean girl" is kind of naive, I've never seen her be mean before and I'm like, what do I believe here? Because the girl she was supposedly mean to has been going through a lot lately, and while I don't disbelieve her, I think maybe she might be a little more sensitive than she normally would be, maybe seeing a mean girl attitude when that's not what was intended.  I don't know.  

But it's like, we don't all get along anymore and that makes me sad.  When the first fallout happened, I pointed out that this can happen when online friends get to know each other beyond the common factor that they all have, such as being a parent (or wanting to be, for the two women who are still trying to conceive or adopt).  Some people totally agreed but I didn't think the fallout would go so far, and then happen again with two totally different people whom I didn't even notice not getting along.

Somehow it all makes sense though.  At this time when I'm trying to change where I am in my life, of course it makes sense that some of my friends and fan groups are going to fall away.  Online people who are not what they seem are falling away.  People I laugh with about NKOTB are very superficial friends and that can only last so long.  When the source of conversation isn't providing more material, either you find other things to talk about or you lose touch. Only the one I've managed to make a sort of long distance friendship with is sticking around, and boy was she driving me nuts last night, but that's a different story.  The church "friends" who'd say hi to me at church, mostly knew me if they had kids my son's age.  Some of them knew my name, some of them didn't.  Some of them thought they knew my name, but called me something I'm not.

On the up side, I've gotten to know a few people at LJ/DW better.  On the down side of that, the ontdc comm is slowing down.  I can't help but think about what this time of year represents, which I've learned about over the past couple weeks--light and dark, harvest and death, sadness and hope--two sides to everything, and I can see those two sides in everything.


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