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Just for the record, my resolutions are to continue to try to be nice to my husband and son and also maybe lose some weight along the way.  If I could eat less when I'm stressed instead of eating more, I'd be all set!

I'd also like to be a little better with the way I write.  Less peppering with "LOL" and "like", and just...better writing.

I plan to stay here at LJ as long as possible, because I am resistant to change.  I have no idea how DW works.  If the creepy comm has to move to DW I will obviously figure it out so I can mod over there.  

Last night my husband was playing world of warcraft and I was tapping my fingers at 11:50 while he was still on.  We usually watch the ball drop.  So at 11:55 I went to watch it on my own and he came in a couple minutes later.  Unfortunately our cable box then reset and we missed the ball drop by about 10 seconds.  So we stayed up until 1 and watched Nashville's lame little music note drop.  LOL

Another new year off to a dubious start.  Did I tell you guys about the time NKOTBSB was in Times Square on NYE?  We watched it on TV and it should have been the most awesome NYE ever but we had a dumb fight about sex (long story short-he loves it, I hate it) and ruined the whole thing.  I'm really sick of my holidays being ruined or cut short.
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Next year my husband wants to try eating more vegetarian food (someone pointed out that I'd actually be pescatarian, since we are still open to eating fish ;))

We don't want to be very strict about it at all, actually.  I guess mostly cut out the major meat options like steak, pork, chicken and turkey, sausage, bacon, etc.  Anything that's pure meat.  Eat more veggies and fruits and not too many grains.  I'm not adverse to imitation meat but I don't think my husband would love it, so we need to find other ways to get protein. (also my husband doesn't like tofu--but I do)  We both like beans.  Also I think we want to cut out eggs.  Cheese and other dairy are still allowed.

I have a good grasp of cooking but I have never cooked a lot of vegetables--I usually just get a variety of frozen veg. and serve them as a side.  I'd like a good vegetarian lasagna recipe, maybe some pasta recipes, salads and fish.  So if any of you have favorite vegetarian recipes you want to share, I'd love to see them!


Nov. 7th, 2012 05:53 pm
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Every year I try to do my resolutions early so I don't get caught up in the hype of the whole New Year's resolutions thing, because we all know most people abandon those by March.

So here are the resolutions I'll be starting immediately.

1.  Try to eat more natural food.  I always bounce between which of the lesser of two evils I can handle better: eating well or exercise.  I thought I was really into the treadmill again, with the zombies, run! app and everything, but I'm not.  So I'm going to try baby steps of eating better.  At least one meal a day, I'm going to try to have all natural food.  I don't mean organic, or non-GMO, that's a little lofty right now.  I just mean good ol' real food.  Meat, fish, beans, cheese, fruit and veggies.  Today I had beans, brown rice and some grated Jack cheese.  The beans were cooked in taco seasoning and the rice was cooked in chicken broth.  It may have been high in sodium but it was mostly natural.  Like I said, baby steps.  It shouldn't be that hard, but I get lazy about shopping.  I love fish but you have to buy it every other day for it to be any good.

2.  Try, TRY, to be more patient with my son.  

3.  Ditto with my husband.  Yes it's difficult when he has the same communication skills as our 5 year old.  But I try.

4.  Be true to myself and keep plugging away at things I enjoy doing.  If I keep trying, one day I'll find something that is both interesting and lucrative.

5.  Speak my mind more often.  I used to be really quiet because I thought people would hate my ideas or that I'd get backlash for some of the things I believe.  Through online communities and social media I've opened my mouth about things I care about and found that some people actually agree with me!  And that my true friends have my back, even if they don't agree with me.

Well that's about it for now.  I encourage people to get their resolutions at least figured out before new year's eve.  It really helps if you don't set that date of Dec. 31 to start your goals.  It's never too early or too late to get started.


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