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I don't have a very stylish wardrobe, but frankly, I don't mind. I need to be comfortable. I need to be able to sprint after my son at a moment's notice.
I gave up on jeans a while ago. I am short, but overweight for my height. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit, but petite pants usually work for me. I love 3/4 length sleeves. So I guess I have kind of a "mom" look, but I look young for my age, so I hope I don't look like a total frump.

In the summer, I avoid shorts most of the time. I am too pale and chunky to pull off that look. I have basically no summer clothes right now, but I hope to go shopping next week. I plan to look for capris and long skirts. I tough out the hot summers with only one or two pairs of shorts.

I don't think I emulate any celebrity. They are shunned for wearing "mom jeans" and gaining 15 lbs. I have done both and then some.
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We bought a house last summer and it turned 100 years old this year. So far we have tried to seal the basement (which did not help), updated the whole electical system, replaced the front steps, finished some of the closets, just finished doing the bathroom so all the appliances match and the shower no longer leaks through the wall, and painted over another bathroom that had dark purple walls and a dark red ceiling. I'm not kidding.

Our house is like a lesson in "Why not to do things half-assed". But it's been kind of fun updating the place.

In the future we need to replace the deck, paint our staircase, and decide what to do with "the pink room", which is, yes, pink, with stenciled hearts. Right now it's a storage room and home to over half of my son's toys. He doesn't seem to care for them much. I took them away out of frustration over a week ago and there they still sit. We also need to re-do our living room walls--half of it is white wallpaper which is dinged up from our rocker banging into it. We're going to tear that off and paint it. We are also going to tear off the wallpaper in the full bath and paint that, and do something with the dining room eventually--tear down that wallpaper and paint it. My husband also wants to paint the office. It's kind of fun, having goals for the future, and it's really fun turning our first home into something really personal and nice to live in.

So, in keeping with the original question:
1: We have to go through the paint samples I brought home and paint the upstairs bath, and get the floors done (we have the floor, and are waiting for a call from Home Depot for them to come do it)

2: Paint our staircase

3: Get the basement professionally sealed, and possibly finished, or at least cleaned up, who knows.


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