Sep. 9th, 2017

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Another great quote from "If you don't pass this class you're a moran"

I had my first History class yesterday, we just went over the syllabus and then he let us go. It seems like it will be a fairly easy class. I am a bit worried about Astronomy on Monday, it's the only class I haven't been to yet this semester, and it just seems like a lot of work. I am also paranoid that I will miss something with my online class.

Tomorrow (oops, I mean Monday) I have English Lit again and I read the three stories that were assigned, and took some notes. I think I got the gist of all of them, and the glory of the internet is that you can look up anything and see if you were right, and get some other perspectives. By "right", I mean not totally off the mark--of course there is no right answer if you interpret something a certain way, but there is the generally accepted answers and then "woah, how did you come to that conclusion?")

I was fairly busy today putting together the slideshow for mom's memorial. Her sister mailed me some photos, and her boyfriend has been e mailing me photo attachments. Plus I am going up to my aunt's house Thursday to look at her pics. I found out they come out pretty well if I just take photos of photos with my phone which makes it easy to just put them in a PowerPoint. I have been a total bum hygenically though, as I did not put on real clothes. It's laundry day, and my favorite pair of jeans ripped across the butt, so I had nothing to wear. I ordered new jeans and did all the laundry, though.


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