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 Meme: A picture of someone or something that has had an impact on you.

Ok, you're going to laugh, but you guessed it, it's New Kids on the Block.  (new picture, not oldschool because this is how good 40-something year olds can look.

Obviously, they were a huge part of my life when was 9-11 or so.  My first celebrity crush-that's always a big deal. (My favorite has always been Joey, who is the first one on the left.  Look at those eyes! Hnnnggg...)

Okay I'm back.  (cough) Sorry.

When they disbanded in the mid-90's I thought I was over it.  I never kept up with any of their solo careers--all of them stayed in entertainment except Jon (far right).  Even Joey did a bunch of stuff that I totally missed.  Still kicking myself.

So when they reunited in 2008, I was pretty excited, but still dubious.  I thought maybe they'd come back and do a couple little shows of their old songs, collect some money and fade away again.  Boy, was I wrong.

Long story short, because of NKOTB, I made a new friend, discovered people who I thought were my friends but weren't, went on two (soon to be three, fingers crossed for my mom's health) cruises, drove to so many places by myself to meet people I'd never met or to go completely solo.  I've got pictures and autographs and memorabilia and memories to make up for all the stuff I threw away in an effort to move on when I was a kid, and for all the moments I missed when I thought I had moved on.

Their undying love and energy is inspiring.  They are truly great to their fans.  They still travel the world, sell out shows, do meet and greets before every major show, run all their own twitter accounts and tweet and follow back their fans as well as follow and interact with their fans on other sites such as instagram.  They are a class act, an example of starting from nothing, recording albums in their hotel rooms and using their family members to help run their fan club, to becoming part of a mania, to falling off the map and coming back 15 years later stronger than ever.

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