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So I wrote an enormous rant on the election and human rights and then I figured who cares? It's not like anyone who disagrees with me hasn't heard my arguments before, and those who agree with me don't need to hear it.  Preaching to the choir and all that.

I still don't understand how some people live with themselves, but that's not my problem.  Just like it's not other people's problem to worry about how other people are living their lives.  

That's all I'll say about that.

So, I'm kinda blah lately.  I officially quit my job yesterday and I felt a little sad.  Not sad that I'm leaving but sad that I can't be useful there anymore.  Sad that I honestly don't want to work anyway and upset at myself for being relieved about not having to worry about it anymore.  Mad at myself for therefore putting more pressure on my husband who doesn't exactly enjoy his job either.  Mad at myself for throwing away a job when it's so hard these days to get a job at all.  Hoping that the person who took my place needs the money more than I do.

The cookbook may have to wait until January.  I think I already mentioned that.  I at least wish I had something to do for that, but nobody is even sending in recipes.  Nobody's going to until the promise of some NKOTB involvement comes through.  So for 2 months I do nothing?  I need something to put my time into. 
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I still haven't heard back from Billy (story here, if you missed it:, but I noticed on one of the NKOTB fan sites on facebook that the organizer of Remember Betty is on facebook so I messaged her.  Remember Betty is a bunch of groups around the world who participate in Susan G. Komen for the Cure walks and raise money in the name of Betty Wood, who was the mother of Danny, one of the NKOTB.  She passed away from breast cancer in 1999.   The organizer of Remember Betty is in personal contact with Danny to keep him up to date on Remember Betty events and progress.  

I told her about the cookbook and asked if she'd be willing to bring it up to Danny and also if she could help me donate autographed items as raffle prizes for contributing for the cookbook and possibly donate some proceeds to Remember Betty when I start selling the cookbooks.  She said that Remember Betty might actually have something similar in the works with Actifry, which is a product Danny promotes a lot.  I told her I would love to work with Remember Betty if they were going to put a cookbook together--I am a culinary school trained chef and I would love to test recipes or help create recipes.

She said she is meeting up with Danny in a couple weeks and will mention my cookbook to him!!  And she will let me know if the Remember Betty cookbook or whatever they have planned is still in the works.

Oh god now I have to wait 2+ weeks!  

In other news I sort of quit my job yesterday,  I have been feeling too unwell to sit on a van for hours at a time and I went in to talk to my boss and she offered to give me a month off to try to get better.  After a month I'm supposed to call her and let her know if I feel well enough to come back.  I have a feeling it will take me longer than a month, since my first appt. with my new primary care doctor isn't even until the 15th.  But we'll see.  I am immensely enjoying the time off and the lack of stress about the job is already helping me feel better.  It's also nice to have time to do my errands without rushing or dragging an unwilling 5 year old with me. LOL  


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