Jan. 1st, 2014

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Happy new year everyone!

I still feel like shit, and I was barely able to stay up until midnight. We watched the final episode of Breaking Bad, which was so good, even though I knew so much about what was going to go down. It was still satisfying and sad and all that.

Then we watched Seacrest at NYC and the ball drop, and I enjoyed seeing Donnie, even though he's probably at the bottom of the list as far as favorites go. I mean he seems like a great guy and all, I just am not at all attracted to him and I wish he'd stop dressing like an old man. But whatever. I also don't give a shit that he's dating Jenny McCarthy, although I am glad he didn't propose to her last night (as rumors were going around in my little corner of twitter that he was going to) because I really didn't want to hear about any Donnie girl riots. LOL.

It so happens that Joey McIntyre's birthday is on New Year's eve, so yesterday I baked off a blueberry pie that we had in the freezer and that was kind of all I felt like doing in celebration of that. Also made some yummy buffalo chicken balls for our snack which came out decent but stuck to the foil (I was out of parchment paper; I should have sprayed the foil) so a lot of the crispy outside was lost. Oh well. Recipe here http://www.seededatthetable.com/2010/09/16/buffalo-chicken-bites/


So that's about it I guess. My husband and son are out at lunch with my in-laws, and I asked him to pick up some more medicine for me. I will find something that works, dammit.


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