Jan. 21st, 2014

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 Oh what a hectic morning...

So yes, I did have my interview this morning.  But first, last night we were discussing our cat.  She's been ailing for months, but not so badly that we feel like she has a bad quality of life.  It can't be fun, pooping puddles on the floor all the time, and she has been losing weight, but she isn't like, lying on the floor obviously dying or anything, so we tried a lot of different things to help her and nothing helped.  So we thought maybe we were out of options, except that $1500 option to get her checked out further for things like cancer.

This morning my husband woke me up at 9 to tell me we had a vet appt. at 10.  I hadn't told him about the interview yet, so I had to tell him then that I couldn't do 10, and why.  He called the vet back and rescheduled for 9:20 which meant we had to rush.

We got a doctor I hadn't met before and he gave us 2 new medications and new food.  He seemed confident that we'd see results.  We set up our dog's crate for her so she doesn't roam all over and continue to ruin our floors.

When 10:00 came and went I went into skype and found that she had called.  Dammit!  Nothing popped up for me to answer, like I thought it would.  Fortunately, she kept trying.  I hadn't expected that and I was so grateful.  I took her call while I was still at the vet and went to sit in the car to talk.  My husband was with me, so he took care of the vet appt and he drove home while I was still talking to her and everything.  The cat was meowing in the background and she was laughing about it and took it all in stride.

Skype is...not great.  There were various snafus but she was very patient and kept calling me back.  She was so nice, and we talked a bit about livejournal which she's also a member of.  I think I did really well, considering I've never done a phone interview.  She was very casual so I didn't feel like I had to sound professional or anything.

So she said probably tomorrow or the next day I should hear back if I made it through to the next step of training.

I wish my husband were excited for me.  He's always just kind of meh.  I just want him to be like Yay for you! But that's not really his reaction style.  I know it's not a huge deal in general, but it's big, for me.  And who knows what it could lead to, right?  He says the only thing is, he wishes it paid.  Well, it doesn't but it could lead to something that does.


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