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 Oh right, so I posted in a friending meme and I forgot to mention a couple things.
I'm a die hard new kids on the block fan.  Once in a while I talk about them.  
Also, I struggle with depression so some posts will be about that.  I'm not too dreary and like I said in the meme I try to handle it with a sense of humor.  
Check out my other posts that are tagged "note to new friends" to find out more about me.  I don't know why I always forget to mention things. :P
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 I made a post a while ago requesting that people comment on my journal if they're reading it,  The truth is, I don't really expect that of you because then I'd have to hold myself up to that standard and I've realized I don't usually comment on things unless something really strikes me as OMG YES or OMG NO on my emotion meter.  Nothing feels more contrived than coming up with a comment on something you don't really have a comment for.  So don't worry about it, that was just my needy ego speaking.

I'll also admit I don't often read fanfic.  I don't expect you to read or like my NKOTB fanfic if I ever get into that again.  I might post it here just to have it somewhere but yeah, I know it's pretty insipid stuff if you aren't a fan so I don't care if you skip the whole thing.  Or it could be good for a laugh, so there's that. 

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 Hi new friends!

I realized in my description of my blog I forgot to mention I sometimes talk about anxiety and depression, sometimes some mention of suicide, which is little more than a passing thought these days, but still.  I don't know if this is triggery to any of you, but there it is.  I don't mind if any of you (new or old) drop friends with me if you don't want to read about that stuff.

I have a tag called "note to new friends" that goes over some basic information about me that you might want to check out.  Thanks for the adds!
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Since things have changed recently I thought I'd do an update for my new and old friends.

More here )Oh, another thing, I do enjoy comments--they help motivate me to write and they make me feel like someone cares about my silly life.  I try to comment on people's entries-I'd appreciate just a small comment if you do read my entries. Thanks :D
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I've been trying to get to this since I posted saying I would, but I've been constantly sidetracked.

I'm 32, married, with a 5 year old son. We have 2 cats (Mona and Happy) and a dog (Bo). We had to put a 3rd cat (George) to sleep about a year and a half ago. :(

My son is in preschool. I think he is incredibly smart and cute but I may be biased. :P However I have had my struggles with him, due to some ongoing depression, which I have an on again-off again medication for, depending on which side of the fence I'm on about medicating depression. Sometimes I think it's great to be on a drug that makes you happy and sometimes I think it's a bunch of crap. Like, I feel cheated that I can't be just you know, happy without medication.

My husband and I have issues too. Mostly we just don't have much in common anymore. I'm very quiet and he likes to yammer on about basically anything. I like to keep to myself, and he calls this silence "awkward". I have issues with how he treats me sometimes. He's not outwardly abusive but he makes me feel like I'm always doing the wrong thing or doing something wrong.

I went to a few different colleges after I graduated high school in 1997 (yikes) but I didn't get any degree until 2004 when I graduated culinary school after 2 years. After that I had a few random cooking jobs, but after I had my son in 2006 I found the hours were too weird to continue doing if I wanted any kind of family life. So I quit working for a few years until last year when I decided to apply to work at the public school cafeterias. It was below my abilities but I figured it would work out well once my son started full time school.

I was hired, but only as a sub. Over the next few months I only got called twice. Then I got a call from someone in school admin saying they needed a bus monitor for a van of 4 teenage boys with behavioral issues who get bussed to a school out of state (only half an hour away though)

I've been doing that for about a month. It's challenging, but really no worse than dealing with my son on his worst days (and getting paid for it).

I will probably call my husband DH and my son DS from here on out (dear husband and dear son, respectively)

The boys on the bus, I call them C, D, J and Red.

Anything else, I hope it will clarify itself in my posts but if anything's grossly unclear feel free to ask.

Oh yeah, I'm also a massive New Kids on the Block fan (Blockhead). I try to keep that on the downlow here but you may see some fangirling once in a while :P
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Welcome to my new friends!
I have to ask a favor from all of you (yes even the friends I've had for a while now)
I have a hard time keeping track of more than a couple people, especially when I've come in at the middle of your stories. I would really like if you'd each send me a short summary of who you are, age, who you live with, what you're currently doing that you journal a lot about, any important people you mention a lot in your journal, etc. I'll do the same, in a journal entry, as soon as I can. It just helps if I have some background to picture when I read your entries. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better :)

About me

Jul. 8th, 2010 02:15 pm
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I don't really post here, but I love any excuse to talk about myself, so here goes.

First Name: Kate

Age: 31

Location: southeast Massachusetts

Occupation: I'm a stay at home mom and wife, currently. I have a degree in culinary arts, but the hours are weird and inconvenient for someone with a family, and we don't *need* me to work (although it would help), so I stay home.

Partner?: I've been married to a man for 6 years this September.

Kids: One boy, he's 3 and a half.

Brothers/Sisters: None.

Pets: We currently have 3 cats. We had 6 at one time, but we left 3 with a friend in Tennessee. I feel badly about that, but it was too much. Even 3 is too much.

List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:

1. Not a whole lot really! My son is starting preschool in the fall. That's big!

2. Taking care of our first house. My husband is great at doing projects so I mainly have to tell him what I'd like done and he gets it done.

3. Taking care of my son.

4. Err, going through therapy, although she is really just someone to talk to. I haven't had any amazing breakthroughs or anything, but it's good to talk to someone who's not biased.

5. In tradition with the person I got this survey from, I'll share that I'm a Unitarian Universalist. A couple months ago I officially joined a church in my area. I grew up in a UU church from about the time I was 9 until I graduated high school.

Parents: My parents have been divorced since I was 16. They're both basically good people, I think they just didn't get along, or maybe it was the stress of raising a child with spina bifida together, and they were just done with each other when I was old enough to be pretty much in the clear with no more urgent surgeries needed or anything. I know my dad cheated on her, and according to my husband he has heard my dad and stepmom talk about their anniversaries and stuff and apparently the timeline matches up so that my dad was still with my mom when he started going out with my stepmom. I have a don't ask, don't tell policy on that.

Who are some of your closest friends? Er, well, I really don't have any. I for some reason am the type of person people don't really feel attached to I guess. My online buddies are the ones who "get" me the best. I have some people I get together with for the sake of our kids, we have playdates and stuff, but I'm not sure how many of them I'd associate with if we didn't have kids. I belong to a womens group on, but most of them are much older than I am and their kids are my age. Which is fine, but it doesn't make for a lot of bonding, since they seem to have a lot of stereotypes about people my age. Whatever.


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