Jan. 10th, 2014

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 My cousin is getting married in August.  He's getting married in Maine, at a place that is probably about 6 hours from where we live (and 4 hours for his immediate family, so it's not like it's convenient for anyone.  I'm not sure where his fiancee's family is from, but I don't think it's Maine.)  And I know that weddings aren't supposed to be convenient, but when we got married we didn't get married in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere.

Anyway, his fiancee has been sending out e mails with info on reserving a hotel room, and inviting people to stay up there for days before the wedding.  The hotel they're getting married at, where she booked rooms for us?  $200 a night.  

She hadn't mentioned what time the wedding is, so I asked her, so we could see if we could come back home that day or if we'd have to stay the night.  The wedding starts at 4.  Ends at? 11.

I'm confused.  She knows that our son is coming, who will be almost 8 by the time August rolls around.  What are we supposed to do with him when he wants to go to bed at 9, at the latest?  One of us go back to the room with him while the other hangs out at the wedding alone?  Both of us ditch the wedding and go to bed?  What the hell are we doing at a 7 hour wedding, anyway?  God...I hope nobody expects us to dance.

I mean, I guess she expects the people with kids to turn in early.  She's a first grade teacher (so she gets along great with my son)-it's not like she's clueless about kids and tired parents and such.  I'm just dreading bringing this up to my husband because he doesn't have many days off left since we were so sick in December and he's going to be annoyed about the 6 hour drive to Maine and having to stay overnight and do social things and stuff.  Sigh.


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