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 Instead of talking about all the depressing stuff going on, I've got a kind of cool story to tell.  Nothing big, just a little serendipitous thing that happened recently.

So a few days ago I finally got around to watching the new Flowers in the Attic that I had recorded off Lifetime.  Same story, slightly different ending, still just as unsatisfying.  And disturbing.  So, the kids are referred to as "Dresden Dolls" in the beginning, right? Because they are so blonde and pretty and "perfect" (not).

So a couple days later I finally had a couple hours in the car to myself and I cracked open my Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer CD that I got for Christmas.  Awesome stuff.  Some things, I was like, meh, I think I will be skipping this one next time around, and by the end of the bit I was HOOKED.  Gaiman's stories creep up on you, and Palmer's style is sort of an acquired taste, but I think I love her.  She had me in tears, both happy and sad ones, depending on the song.

So anyway, I looked up Amanda Palmer because she said she'd been a rock star but I had no idea what she'd done before what she does now.  Those of you who know of her, know where this is going.

I looked her up, and not only is she from Boston, but she was in a band out of Boston in the 90's.  Well, a duo really.  Called...The Dresden Dolls.  :D  I actually knew and liked one of their songs back in the day!  Coin Operated Boy.

There is nothing like thinking you've discovered an artist only to find out you knew who she was 20 years ago.
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Mama spoilers )Overall not a bad movie, but oof. I wish my son were home so I could give him a hug.
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 I've got a cold. I'm going to have to call mom tonight and cancel her visit tomorrow.  We're going to be bored but I just don't even feel like cleaning up and making lunch for us and all that.  My son and I will sit around and watch movies instead.

I've been trying to think of more movies for my son and I to watch together.  He likes the kid friendly scary movies.  He's seen a lot of them though.  Any suggestions?  G and PG only, please!

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 I just watched Grave Encounters 2.  spoilers... )
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I have never seen Glee but I am recording it tonight for their Rocky Horror episode!  Remind your friends!


Oct. 22nd, 2010 09:27 am
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I know it's been a while! I've been active on ontdcreepy, but I haven't posted here much.
I ran away from my husband and son for a couple days. I'd finally had enough, I guess. I'm going back today, but there are some major changes to be made.

It's been fun at my mom's house. She got kittens yesterday, and she named them Misty and Luna. Luna was my idea because we were going with Spook but she's a girl and that sounded too boyish. She wanted Halloween names and I thought up Luna. Since it means moon, I think it goes well with Misty.

Mom is really more of a creepy than I thought. Even though she lives alone she has all sort of Halloween decorations around the house and she's always taking pictures of creepy things and sending them to me. I guess that's where I get it from!

I wish I were staying, because there's a movie theater that's playing the original Frankenstein, the original Let the Right One In, and Nosferatu in the next few days. There's going to be live music accompanying Nosferatu, since it's silent. Awesome.

However I am chaperoning a teenage sleepover at my church on the 30th and we're going to play hide and seek in the creepy basement (paired off, of course) We also might go to a haunted house at the high school. So good Halloween fun will be had.
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I guess right now I'm happiest when I'm at the gym.  Scary I know.  I never thought I'd say that.  But I'm in my own little world, my son is in safe hands at the gym's child care, I'm just focusing on myself and my goals.  I don't listen to any song in particular at the gym.  If I remember to charge my iPod, I put it on shuffle and skip past the songs I don't like or that aren't motivating enough to work out to.  I have a LOT of Sarah McLachlan on my iPod and I love you Sarah, but I just cannot move quickly to your music.  If my iPod is dead I bring in my discman and one disc.  I like to listen to upbeat music of course, but it doesn't have to be dance music.  I like Dave Matthews Band, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, even sometimes NKOTB or Joey's latest solo EP.  Whatever gets me moving.  Unfortunately since I walk 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill, I have to listen to most CD's almost twice.  I might have to look into one of those compilation CD's.

I watched The Innocents tonight and OMG it was good.  I wasn't ready for some of the creepy moments though, except the one ontdcreepy showed when they're playing hide and seek. Just...gaahhh.  I had to go out to my car to get my book after it was over and let me tell you I don't think I've ever ran to my car and back so fast.  The poor kid at the end though, that made me so sad.  I'm sensitive to things like that, since I have a child of my own.  I wanted to go hug him.  (My son, not the creepy boy in the movie.)

The book I'm reading now is called The Magicians by Lev Grossman.  Husband and I are reading it together, 100 pages each week and discussing it at the end of the week.  We just started.  It's good so far, but not great.
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I just ate so much I can't believe it was on my diet.  I had 4.5 oz. chicken breast, a cup of egg noodles and 1 oz. cheddar cheese.  Cheese looks like a lot more than it is, when it's shredded.
I was supposed to have 7 oz. of chicken, but I just couldn't do it.  I'm so full.
Agggh The Sixth Sense is on.  I love the concept of this movie so much but the ghosts really freak me out.  The first time I saw it (in the theater, no less) I couldn't sleep for a long time because I couldn't stop seeing the people hanging.  OMG the part where he and his wife are in the restaurant is so heartbreaking because you think she's ignoring him but...well you know.
The Cell was on earlier, and I really should have recorded it, but I didn't.
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I watch the Rotten Tomatoes movie review tv show and they always have an actor on to review his/her top 5 favorite movies.  Tilda Swinton was just on and one of her faves is Let The Right One In.  I still haven't seen it, but I just added it to my queue.

My husband has obviously had too much to drink because he says Tilda is hot.  I agree, but she is so not his type.  I mean really, she looks like a 12 year old boy.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and be a different person.  I think, knowing what I know now, if I were to relive high school, I'd be emo.

Maybe I've had too much to drink, too.
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Creepy friends, are you part of or would like to be part of a watch along group? The ontdcreepy watch along doesn't happen at a good time for me. My husband recently found world of warcraft interesting again and I like to watch creepy movies on those raid nights because he doesn't really like them. If anyone can watch movies with me on a random night and we can set up a chat room or use YIM (it's free to download and doesn't cause any problems for me) that would be awesome.

I'd be interested in classic horror--I've seen very few of them--ghost movies, mind fucks, stuff like that. I'm not terribly into zombies, vampires or werewolves. But I'll try anything! I LOVE movies with a twist, like Shutter Island, The Machinist, or The Sixth Sense. (I guess those would be mind fucks)

So anyway if you're interested let me know! I don't know much about where to download movies though, so I can't help you there...I'd probably see if they're on instant watch on netflix, or just plan to have them mailed to me.


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