Sep. 5th, 2017

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I dropped off my son for his first day of 5th grade today. It was fairly uneventful. He is disappointed because he doesn't really have friends in his new class. I found out he doesn't like one of them because he doesn't play fair. The other one, I think is just sensitive and my son doesn't know how to handle that. Although my son can be sensitive too but in a different way. There is a new boy in his class who seems a bit wild, but we will see.

I logged into my online college course today and was met with an image that said "Keep calm and love llamas". I straight out burst out laughing. It's a Race Relations class and I think it will be very interesting, and of course, timely. I checked out the syllabus and it seems fairly heavy with information. Plus I have to learn how to navigate the online course. Well, the first assignment of reading the syllabus and online etiquette rules and e mailing the teacher isn't even due until the 10th, and I've already done it. I didn't go in and see if I could complete other assignments yet, but I'll do that later. I think the website records every time I log in, so I don't want to spam up the log with logins every hour, LOL. 

I still have not received my grade for Public Speaking. I e mailed the registrar to see if she submitted them at all. It took my Sociology 101 teacher about a week to submit his grades, but it's been a couple weeks now.

It's Suicide Prevention Month, so I've been more vocal on twitter about that. I kind of dislike how there is a month designated for things like that though, because as soon as the month is over, people stop talking about it. I plan to keep talking about it when the month is over. I even got involved in a discussion when one person was putting down another who was trying to raise money for shirts with a slogan. Person A said Shirt Person wasn't actually trying to help people, but just promote a product. I looked back on Shirt Person's twitter and they did in fact speak more about mental health besides promoting the shirt. It seemed like Person A was angry about their own situation and was lashing out at someone. I said that any attempt to promote awareness helps (which is actually funny because I usually dislike gimmicks like shirts and ice bucket challenges or whatever when you could be actually talking about the issue). But I kind of see how if you wear a shirt with a slogan, people will go google that slogan and find out more about the issue. I think really passive support like clicking Like on something isn't as helpful, but maybe if you also repost/retweet whatever you liked, you're doing something more active.

I often think about my Twitter evolution. I've gone from NKOTB enthusiast to cooking tips to political opinions to mental health promotion. And I think it is great that Twitter is that kind of platform.

So I just got a notification that I've received credit for my reply on the Race Relations assignment. Gotta love internet!


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