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 I...I think I have a crush on a man with a big-ass beard.  Like, Duck Dynasty big.  I hate beards! But he is totally cute, underneath it.  He just seems so calm, and gentle, and he's just nice to listen to.  He's in the church committee I'm in and we go to meetings once a month and I try not to gaze at him too much because hello, obvious.  But he just seems so pleasant.

Anyway, after that meeting I got to go take care of crying babies and toddlers who were falling down all over the place and being grabby.  In a way I kind of miss that stage because you can tell that what to do or redirect them or actually physically move them and they don't talk back.  LOL

I heard the church service was really nice and I'm bummed that I missed it.  That's one of the things about volunteering to teach the classes or care for the babies, you miss the services.  But I had prepared for the meeting and I was glad that something I said led to an idea for what the 11th and 12 graders can do for their church class this year.  There is a definite advantage having grown up in a UU congregation and going on to be in the committee that oversees what the kids are learning.

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I just got a call from our church minister asking me and my son to light the chalice this week at church.  I'm excited because everyone's going to be there, because it's the intergenerational Thanksgiving service.  Only the babies and very young children get child care and everyone else goes to the service.  I'm really proud to be carrying something on from my childhood (going to a UU church and getting involved).  I'm not great at carrying on traditions or making a habit of things and I'm just glad that we have this.  It upsets me that my husband doesn't have any interest in it, but then, he has little to no interest in anything I do.  It's not his fault we don't enjoy the same things but it makes me sad sometimes.  I had pictured something different for our marriage--doing things alongside each other, hand in hand, laughing at the same things, enjoying the same things, valuing the same things, being together in every sense of the word.  I realize that's more of a fairy tale than anything, now.  I realize if I wanted someone like that, I should have picked someone else.  But I picked the easy route-I picked the first person who overlooked my biggest flaws and said he loved me even though there were some major red flags that we would not get along so well forever.

I feel like I've made my bed and now I have to lay in it.  For better or for worse, right?
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Ugh, I hate planning for parties.  I'm always stressed.  Will we have enough food? drinks? cake? Will the kids have fun? Will the parents judge my house? Will they want to drop off their kids there or will they all stay? Do we have enough chairs and table space? Will a lot of people who didn't rsvp show up anyway?

I don't know why I didn't just do it at a venue.  I thought it would be cheaper to do at home but it's looking like it's not.  You have to buy all the decorations, plates, silverware, cups, any entertainment for the kids (I hired a magician), cake, any other food, drinks, ice cream...seriously.  I just hate all the party venues around here.  I dislike parties in general.  It's really awkward being around a bunch of people I don't know.  I guess it's going to be even harder with a bunch of them all sitting in my living room rather than being able to mill around and ignore each other at Chuck E. Cheese. Sigh...

Maybe it'll be a nice day and we can all go outside.

Per the request of the woman who is the head of the religious education at my church I started a conversation on the facebook church parents group about changing the coffee hour snacks to something easier and a little more healthy.  A few people were open to it and a few people were really against it, even hurt by it.  Church ends around 11:30.  Most people want to go home and eat lunch, right? So when there's a whole table full of pastries we're apparently supposed to "tell our kids not to eat them".  Here's where I think the middle aged people who suggested this are forgetting what it's like to have anyone under the age of oh, 7.  

The wonderful baker who makes these things for coffee hour sometimes is all offended that we "go behind her back" to say we don't like her goods and then we go ahead and eat them anyway.  Well yes, of course we like them and eat them and as adults we deal with the consequences.  But our kids should not have to be restrained from cookies and cake on that are there for no reason other than to indulge.  How about we not train our kids to expect treats like that at church unless it's on special occasions?

So another problem with the people who bring pastries and stuff is that coffee hour hosts feel like they have to live up to that. They don't want to be the one who puts out a veggie plate and a bowl of fruit when other people are bringing in home made cookies.  If we could make coffee hour fare a little more standard, I think more people would sign up to do it and would feel less intimidated about putting out a good spread.

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So today was a bit of a bust--with promises of 70 degree weather, I was going to take my son to the zoo or park or something, but it didn't really get much higher than 65 and it was breezy and cloudy, so we stayed home.  It seemed like a fast day though, probably because I took a nap on the couch for a while while my son watched TV. (I promise I'm not usually such a slacker mom, and we did make crayons, so it wasn't a total waste of a day)

Soooo...I left my husband for a couple days last week.  I'd had a terrible day with my son and I was sick of my husband's usual problems such as not listening to me for the millionth time.  So we had a big fight and I took off to my mom's house.  I really wasn't sure if I was coming back, but after a couple days I started to miss them.  I figured out things I wanted to change (such as putting an end to this whole stay at home mom thing--I don't know how people do it.)  And when I got home on Friday I talked to my husband and we're trying again.

So my personal trainer offered me a job at a gym he is opening--I will work in the day care.  But I have to get cpr/first aid certified so I'm taking this online video class and then I have to go demonstrate all the different techniques to an instructor.

This week I will not be here for the FFA :(  Make it epic for me to read on Sunday, okay?  I'm going to a youth group sleepover at my church.  It will be fun.

I hit a milestone of a 10 lb weight loss a few days ago but promptly gained back 2 lbs around the time my husband and I were fighting.  Food is my comfort, my escape, the only thing I feel I can control sometimes.


Oct. 22nd, 2010 09:27 am
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I know it's been a while! I've been active on ontdcreepy, but I haven't posted here much.
I ran away from my husband and son for a couple days. I'd finally had enough, I guess. I'm going back today, but there are some major changes to be made.

It's been fun at my mom's house. She got kittens yesterday, and she named them Misty and Luna. Luna was my idea because we were going with Spook but she's a girl and that sounded too boyish. She wanted Halloween names and I thought up Luna. Since it means moon, I think it goes well with Misty.

Mom is really more of a creepy than I thought. Even though she lives alone she has all sort of Halloween decorations around the house and she's always taking pictures of creepy things and sending them to me. I guess that's where I get it from!

I wish I were staying, because there's a movie theater that's playing the original Frankenstein, the original Let the Right One In, and Nosferatu in the next few days. There's going to be live music accompanying Nosferatu, since it's silent. Awesome.

However I am chaperoning a teenage sleepover at my church on the 30th and we're going to play hide and seek in the creepy basement (paired off, of course) We also might go to a haunted house at the high school. So good Halloween fun will be had.
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I teach a youth class at my UU church. The other day the older youth group came to invite us to their sleepover at the church the day before Halloween. I'm stoked! Church sleepovers when I was a teenager were awesome.

The bad news is, the sleepover is on a Saturday night. I'm going to miss the Halloween FFAC :(

I'll be sure to tell everyone if we do anything creepy! These kids are all about ghosts, past lives and Ouija boards, so I hope they're good and respectful and nothing crazy happens in this creepy old church.


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