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So, we finished Breaking Bad on NYE. It was good! I was satisfied with the end, and I expected to cry-I even got a tissue in anticipation when we got up for a snack midway through. But I didn't cry.  

Here there are Breaking Bad spoilers )
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 I watch quite a bit of TV.  I don't know how many shows the average person watches, so maybe I'm on the low end but I feel like I watch it a lot.  I record these and watch them throughout the week.  Here's a little rundown (no spoilers, just basic plot points and vague mentions of characters):

Super Fun Night: A sitcom. Starring Rebel Wilson as Kimmie, who you might know as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect (a movie I love some parts of but also hate at the same time).  She is so funny.  I like the show because it's a real look at an awkward woman in her 20's that doesn't focus on or make fun of the fact that she's overweight.  (There were a couple visual gags involving Spanx in the first episode, but that was it).  She's insecure about how she looks and is socially awkward but she's likeable and fun.  She has 2 room mates/friends who are also awkward and dorky but likeable, and her good friend Richard clearly has a thing for her but is involved with his and Kimmie's coworker Kendall who is a (stereotypically) beautiful but uptight woman.  It's touching and laugh out loud funny.

The Michael J Fox Show: Another sitcom. So, along with NKOTB, MJF was one of my first celebrity crushes, and I mean it was big.  After Family Ties, Teen Wolf and Back to the Future he started doing movies that were too mature for me to watch at the time so I kind of lost track of him.  I wanted to watch The MJF show to see what it was like.  It's cute.  It's a little weird seeing Marie from Breaking Bad in such a wholesome role.  LOL.  It's a funny show about family and supporting each other despite your flaws.  It's a little repetitive in its themes, like MJF always wants to do the right thing but often causes problems by trying to do this.  The brother and sister have your typical dynamic, but the aunt is funny and quirky.

American Horror Story: Train wreck.  But I can't stop.  Immortal people, people back from the dead, witches, ghosts, zombies, mythical creatures it's a stew of pretty much every paranormal setup and mashup you can think of.  And I love it.  Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange are amazing.  Each season is a different story set in a different time and place, but they bring back some actors for each season, which makes it interesting.

The Goldbergs: A sitcom about a family, set in the 80's.  It reminds me a LOT of the Wonder Years.  It's funny and touching, and is based on the real life of the creator.  And since it's about the 80's I recall a lot about the decor, the fashion, the music, and the pop culture references.  It's a great nostalgia show.

Once Upon a Time:  Crazy, plot, so much going on I can't even explain it.  The stories of fantasy characters are followed in a number of different timelines: real world, past fantasy world, present fantasy world, and a number of different locations in that fantasy world. It's so convoluted and crazy and I love it.

OUAT in Wonderland: Not as believable as OUAT the original (funny to say that about a fantasy show, but I just believe in the original more-it seems to have more heart and not just people prancing around being evil).  It's hard to strike gold twice with that kind of show, I think.  This one features Alice, Jafar, The Red Queen, the White Rabbit, the knave of hearts and a genie that Alice fell in love with when she went to Wonderland.  She ended up back in the real world but was recruited back to Wonderland and is now searching for her genie.  It's kind of meh, but I like the whole fantasy theme so I'm sticking with it.

We both watch Breaking Bad, but we only get to an episode every few days.  We already know most of the ending, but I still find it worth watching.  I LOVE Gus (played by Giancarlo Esposito).  Seriously, his game face freaks me out.  Look up the "A Man Provides" speech on youtube.  That's what I'm talking about.  Funny enough, Giancarlo Esposito was also in a role in OUAT the original.  I love Breaking Bad too, but my husband doesn't like it as much.

I forgot The Walking Dead! I don't like this show as much as I did before.  There are so many extra characters now, that I don't know most of their names still, and it seems like they are all disposable.  I was delighted when Kyle Gallner was in one episode (he has been in horror movies such as Jennifer's Body and Kevin Smith's Red State, and I may have a little crush on him), but he was only in that one episode.  I'm just disappointed that it has turned into the crazy politics and dynamics of the group, although I was pleased by the character they focused on in the last episode and I hope there will be more of that.

Oh man I also forgot Game of Thrones! I'm not crazy about that one...I can't even follow the story.  But what little I do pick up, I like, and my husband loves it.

We're also waiting for Doctor Who!  Soooooon!

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I think I'm due for an extra long mental health candle working tomorrow. Sigh. I just can't deal with the arguing and the inconsistencies anymore.  I actually walked outside today after a big meltdown.  I thought I shut the door behind me but I looked back and it was open, and our dog, bless his heart, was just standing there looking at me.  Normally he would have bolted.  

I said about 2 years ago that I wanted to write up a list of basic parenting guidelines we should follow, like how to react when he needs to be punished, how to deal with it when he won't eat dinner, etc.  We never got around to making that list, and we still have issues when it comes to these topics, and more.  I don't know how to get our shit together.  I'm really at a loss.  

I watched the last episode of Derek today, not realizing it was the last one.  For some reason I thought there was more than one season out.  I sobbed through the whole thing, took a breather and went back for more and realized that was it.  Bummer!


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