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 Meme: A picture of someone or something that has had an impact on you.

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When I was re-reading the meme I did yesterday I realized I forgot that I went to the NKOTB 10 album release party. That was pretty exciting. I took my husband because he has never been to a NKOTB event besides the NYC Today show thing where we stood around the corner from the actual performance so I don't really count that. LOL. He poked a lot of fun, but I think he enjoyed himself more or less.

It was really awesome. It was in a small theater in Boston. Even though it's small we were so far back that it wasn't even really worth taking many pics. I just enjoyed it. They sang a bunch of songs from the album and then some girls who funded a full page ad in Billboard magazine thanking NKOTB for all they've done came out and presented them with the ad. It was pretty neat.

Confetti and balloons!

The view from our seats--see, not so close. But still-I was there!

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Joey McIntyre's doing a performance at the Boston tree lighting on Thursday! I HAVE TO go.  This is why I could never leave Massachusetts.  Being able to go to these things I hear about last minute is something I'd miss too much.  I have to ask my husband if he wants to go or I have to find a way to get me and my son there.  I HATE driving in Boston and I have no idea if the MBTA is convenient to Boston Common.  I can find out, but would rather have my husband drive us in.  He's on the treadmill, so I have to wait! Ahhhh.  *bouncing in chair*

Thanksgiving went well.  I made sweet potato casserole that came out really good, and the food my MIL made was great. The turkey was really good.  I hate the word moist, but it was.  My son wheedled his way into staying overnight, so my husband and I are just chilling.  Too bad everything is closed today.  I could've sworn the liquor stores were open, because I wanted to get a bottle of wine.  I thought the inlaws would serve some, so I was looking forward to that, but they didn't, and now I'm left wanting some.  Oh well.
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 Looks like NKOTB Cruise 2014 was revealed...supposedly an early leak, but really, I think it was a deliberate tease.

I wasn't interested until I saw it was leaving from NYC and going to Bermuda.  NYC is only a few hours from me and I could even take the train in on the same day instead of what I did for the other cruises that left from Florida, and I would fly to Miami the day before and get a hotel and have other expenses.  It means not having to buy a plane ticket and a lot less travel stress.  This makes it much more enticing.

The fact that they're changing the port and destination makes me hope that they're mixing up the cruise itinerary, too.  I didn't go last year, but what I saw seemed boring.  No crazy quotes or moments really went viral.  Joey didn't even do a solo concert-he did duets with other girls who auditioned and were chosen by him to sing with him.  What I saw of it on youtube looked cool but not amazing.  I'd rather just see him sing.

You know, it would be really awesome if he'd do his one man show, The Kid, for us.

I mentioned it to my husband and he didn't say yes but he didn't say no either.   I think he likes it that the port is so close, too.
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 Calling my parents about the trip wasn't so bad.  I really don't mind talking to them, except my mom was saying something weird about how she thinks I was sick because I'm lactose intolerant.  Um, it was a chicken salad. (not even like a chopped chicken salad with mayo, but a salad with chicken on top.  She kept saying something about milkshakes and I was like, I didn't have any milkshakes...I never drink milkshakes.  Still not sure what she was talking about.  But I was saying we probably wouldn't go back until our son is a lot older, if at all, and she kept telling me we shouldn't keep doing the same things.  She said the same thing about the nkotb cruises, and how we keep going to see Wicked the musical...she has a real problem with sticking to the same things.  I don't really understand it.  If you know what you like then why would you deprive yourself of it?  Now I can understand something you didn't really love, you don't have to do it again.  But if you love something of course you're going to do it again.  I don't go on vacation to expand my horizons, I go to have a good time and it helps if you already know what's a good time.

Anyway, speaking of nkotb cruises, I've been thinking of doing it again if they have one.  Problem is I don't think H, the girl I'd room with really wants to go.  We didn't have a great time the last time but I had an amazing time on my first cruise (and that's where I met H).  But I think if I said I was thinking about it, she'd go so I'd have her to hang out with, and I don't want to influence her in that way.  I think I'm just feeling nkotb withdrawl because the tour's over and I'm not sure what's going to happen next.  We'll have to see, I guess.
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So just out of curiosity, I looked up our family therapist on facebook.  I found her, but all her pics are of her kids. I guess you'd want to remain kind of neutral and anonymous in case nosy clients like me look you up.  But I also saw that she's friends with one of my husband's friend's wife.  Not that it really matters. I really don't see this turning into a friendship unless we stop the therapy, and even then, she'd probably know way too much about me and us as a family and that would be awkward.  It just figures, I finally find a local nkotb fan and she's our therapist.  My life likes to screw with me like that. LOL

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 Sent another tweet to the wrong person...thankfully it was something unimportant this time but jeez.  I guess it's because I usually only DM with one or two different people but I've gotten some other DM's lately and I get confused about which one was the most recent.  At least this one was only about soap. ;)

The NKOTB cruise is back at dock in Miami...from what I hear there was a lot of drama and Joey didn't even do a solo show-he did duets with some girls who entered to get the chance to sing with him.  To be honest the cruise didn't sound that great this year.   I heard that the DJ's played the same music from last year which is too bad because some good dance songs have come out this year.  I'm also hearing there will be another cruise, but I'm honestly not sure if I want to go on another one.  Aside from the disappointment of not being able to see the guys up close like that again, I didn't really feel bad for not going.  And I'll have decent seats when I see them at the end of the month.  

Now I am anxiously waiting for any news of a cookbook, even though I was told it wouldn't be talked about until the fall.  The girl I've been talking to who works with Danny on Remember Betty went on the cruise so maybe they talked at some point.  
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 One of the best birthday wishes of the day? From Dan Wood, Danny Wood's father.  He's so nice to wish all his facebook friends happy birthday, especially on his own son's birthday!

I got two Doctor Who shirts, tickets to Wicked (I'm honestly getting a little tired of it, but my husband knows I love it so he falls back on it and it's cool, but he always seems to catch on to things as I'm getting tired of them, LOL), an alarm clock that glows brighter gradually so you wake up naturally, a Jamie Oliver cookbook from my aunt, and a necklace from my dad and stepmom.

Tonight my husband says I get to pick where we go out to dinner and I can't decide! I like the seafood place nearby, but we went there last time we went out.  Then there's Legal Seafoods, or the Mexican place that will surely upset my stomach for the next two days, or Not Your Average Joe's, which snootily asked us if we had a reservation last time we walked in.  I'm sorry, you're not that good.

Ah crap, I was going to try to go on the treadmill early today so I have more time before my son gets home.  Ta ta!
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 Is it just me or should people do their own damn planning and research? I mean I'm talking to this girl who I'm helping get from Providence to here, back to Providence to CT for the nkotb show-she got a 5* ticket (which includes meeting the guys and getting her picture taken with them) so she has to get there earlier than me and H-so she's asking me all these questions like how to book her tickets and is the bus station the same as the greyhound station, and I'm like, I don't know, I'm on the internet just like you, why don't you google it yourself?  I'm terrible at planning especially for other people.  You're a grown-ass adult, figure it out.  I'm all for asking real live people questions instead of googling everything, but I know just as much as she does about it, so all I would do is google it myself and tell her.

I've got a manicure soon and I'm going to see if I can get in a haircut too, but at the same time I want to be home because my NKOTB deluxe CD package is coming in today and I know that during the hour I'm not home is when they're going to come!  But I can't stop my life...or can I...hmm.  I also need to dash to Target...I swear I'm there every day, the employees know me, it's embarrassing.

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Okay, I know I generally try to be positive but I'm just having a problem with a "friend" I have, we'll call her H. For a while I wasn't sure why she didn't have more friends.  She seemed really nice and bubbly and positive and we became fast friends.  We met first on twitter, I don't know how I found her but we're both nkotb fans so I was probably friends with one of her friends or maybe she added me.  Anyway, I actually met her on Cruise 2012 after I had discovered that the "friends" I had originally met up with were not really my type of person.  I happened to meet H on the beach the day they totally ditched me when they were walking down the beach and I stayed behind to buy a water and they walked off without me.  I saw H and I said "Aren't you @(her twitter name) and she said yes and I introduced myself.  It was a rare moment of outgoingness for me and I was forever glad I did it.

Until recently.  She has just been super negative, talking about people behind their back, stalking her former friends who ditched her when she had a mental breakdown last year right after we got home from the cruise where I met her.  And I can understand how pissed she'd be when she found out people she thought were her friends abandoned her when they found out she was not mentally stable.  I mean how shitty is that, mental issues are like the number one issue in the country and yet people get treated like they have some rare contagious disease.  But whatever.

So I can see how H would be pissed at these former friends but she kind of makes it her hobby to check in on their twitter timelines and tell me "Oh so and so says this" or "So and so looks too skinny these days" and I'm like, who freaking cares?

Then she even judges people she's still friends with.  She's like "I have to warn you about _____, she seems to be a little obsessed with NKOTB. She said she hoped we'd run into Donnie when we go to Wahlburgers and Alma Nove (two restaurants that are in Massachusetts and owned by the Wahlbergs, we plan to go to them later this month when she and her friend come up for the concert)".  So I'm thinking, so? I hope we run into him too! Or maybe one of the other guys! Why is this obsessive?  It seems natural to me to hope to see one of the famous owners of a restaurant.  It's not like she said "We should sleep outside the restaurants so we can maybe run into Donnie". 

I just...don't know how to deal with this.  She's staying in my town for a couple days around the concert so we can hang out and I hope she doesn't act like this.  I just don't get how people can be so judgmental.  And gee, I hope her friend isn't totally obsessed with NKOTB. That would be awful. LOL
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I've got carpenters in my house so I can't leave the house.  I can barely leave the office because of this dog who won't stop whining so if I take the gate down he'll just get in their way.  I can't even put the gate up in the living room instead because the guys have to walk through there.

I hope they don't stay all day, but I have a feeling they will!

So, last few days have been NKOTB days so if you don't feel like slogging through my talking about that you can skip this bit.

NKOTB blather )

I contacted college asking how I could keep tabs on what they have received and what they haven't.  I was supposed to get a student ID after I applied and I either never got it or deleted it by accident.  I just hate waiting on people and would like to know sooner rather than later if there are things I need to get rolling.  I think it's too late for spring but I would like to enroll in summer classes if I can.  I'm not sure how that will work out considering we've already planned a vacation, but we'll see.
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It was interesting this morning to open the door to walk my son to the bus and see snow.  Oh hello snow!  It was kind of pretty because there is none on the ground and it was just kind of floating around in the air, kind of like a magical Christmas movie.  Anyway.

The ground is still soaked from all the snow melting, and then the rain.  Always a lovely combination.  My husband and I had to take turns staying up 2 nights ago to get the secondary pump going when the water got too high in the basement, and then shutting it off so it wouldn't burn out.  Rinse and repeat.  I stayed up until about 12:15 and then my husband got up around 1 and stayed with it until 2 or 3 in the morning.  Not great on the first day he had to get up at 6 for his new, earlier shift at work.

I've tried to be more productive.  My husband gets home later but is more tired due to the earlier wake up time, so I try to just get things done around the house.  I'm doing a load of laundry every day, something I should have started doing years ago, so it doesn't pile up and make us do it all weekend.  Now that my husband works Saturdays I'll have to think up more things to do with my son--thankfully it'll be warm soon so we can start doing things outside again.  

Not that it gets all that bad here-my midwestern friends will laugh when I say I don't want to go outside if it's below 40, at best--but I really don't like the cold.  My parents used to keep the house unbearably cold.  If I have to wear more than one layer in the house, it's too cold.  I'm not gonna "put on a sweater!" as my mom would suggest, or go soak my hands in a sink full of hot water.  Seriously, I used to have to do that.  And it wasn't that we were tight on money.  My parents just believed in saving it even when they didn't really have to.  So now I revel in the fact that I can turn the heat to what's comfortable to me, and wear just a long sleeved t shirt or a comfortable soft sweater and not be freezing.  My husband wears short sleeves in the house all winter and I'm always just a touch cold so long sleeves work for me.  The temperature is actually one thing we never argue about.  

Oh yeah! So I'm going to the NKOTB album release show in Boston later this month.  I'm still not sure exactly what it will be like, but I know it's not in a club setting so it won't be all dancey and stuff.  I can't stand club dancing, mostly because I can't dance.  I hope it'll just be them putting on a small show.  

I bought 2 tickets, and I guess I'm going with my husband because my friend H from Philly sounded kind of tentative about it.  She's coming in May to go to a show with me in CT, so I think she probably decided she couldn't come for this one as well.  She takes care of her mother and hates her job and has a lot of other stress going on.  Frankly I worry about her a bit.  She had a mental breakdown almost 2 years ago now and I know she's prone to depression and I just worry.  I just hope she can still come to the show in May. 


Mar. 11th, 2013 08:54 am
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 So @nkotb on Twitter tweeted this the other day: NKOTB's "Remix (I Like The)" Music Video !

 get a real kick out of that.  I went to the ontd page and read some of the comments.  I was happy to see that there was no snark in the page and a half or so of comments that I read.  I was expecting a bunch of haters.  I was afraid to read the rest of it in case they were lurking somewhere ahead.

Not sure what the big deal is about Donnie though-I
 mean the man is talented and really nice and genuine, but he dresses like an old man-and those glasses don't help!  Joey still melts my heart and I have a hard time watching any of the other guys in this video because he just totally slams it out of the park and oozes that special thing that really great performers have-just every move he does jumps off the screen and has personality and passion and energy and you can just tell he loves what he's doing.  Now imagine seeing that live.  Yup.  I'm blushing just thinking about it.

And the suits, oh the suits!  And the girl (her name is Artemis)-that's another thing I
 really love about the video.  It's not the cheesy cliche where the girl is totally awkward and then she removes her glasses or puts on her makeup or a pretty dress and feels better.  Nope, she finds her inner rock star and just lets loose.  I guess she's been in a few things, including Always Sunny which I never saw.  I think she rocks.

Anyway, I think the song has a really nice vibe. Some of the lyrics crack me up, like the overenthusiastic "Guitar!" and the screechy high note by Jordan, and my son loves the transformer part but overall I think they had a really great time with this song and the video.  Oh, and Kimmie Gibbler from Full House is in it.  Her name is Andrea Barber and she's a total Joey girl!  Almost as bad as me.  She's the girl with the enormous sunglasses holding a cup and giving Artemis a WTF look.  LOL

I'll embed the video and leave the link for the peeps over at LJ.   Oh! The embed actually worked at LJ
 I think! Sorry about the wonky text though-I don't know why it's all highlighted in some places.

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Had a sort of weird conversation online last night with a sort of-friend from church-as much as you can be friends with someone you rarely hang out with outside of church but who is perfectly nice and you could see yourself being friends, but never like, invites you to do stuff.  She made my son's birthday cake this year and I went with her to a concert once.  She's always very bubbly and funny and just cool.

And while I'm talking about this, can I just mention that I was standing right there at church the other day when a group of other "friends" of this sort was trading phone numbers and making plans and nobody included me.  Didn't these people learn in middle, KINDERGARTEN, that that's rude?  So that was awkward, but I digress.

Anyway so this woman, we'll call her M, messaged me out of the blue and asked me if I was going on the nkotb tour.  I said yes I was going with a friend to one of the dates at Mohegan Sun.  I asked M if she was thinking of going to Boston (it's closer).  She said no, she wanted to go to Mohegan too.  She said only opening night was available now and I said oh that would be cool if you go to opening night!

At this point I wasn't sure if she was sort of backhandedly asking me to go with her.  She said "I want my husband to get me tickets but I have nobody to go with and I don't want to go alone."  Okay...  So I said, "I might know someone. LOL"  M laughed it off and said she wasn't sure if she could afford tix and I was like well, just make sure whoever you go with can pay you back.  I don't know if she was asking me to buy her ticket, too, or what?  

So I decided, if M's going to beat around the bush I'm going to be straightforward.  I straight up said "If I go with you I can pay for my ticket."  I was having a margarita and I felt bold.  I mean I know she doesn't hate me and it's just a concert so it's not like she has to talk to me all that much, if it gets awkward, and hey I've done the whole "tag along with someone at a concert" thing and it's not that bad.

 At the same time, I was looking at facebook and I saw one of our other mutual "friends" had commented to M that she wanted to go, too.  So then I felt dumb and I said "If you're already going with someone else I could tag along" which was REALLY stupid, so then I said "Not as a third wheel thing, but if you're going with a group I'd love to come."  (Did I mention I've lost whatever social graces I ever had?)   She said "We'll see."  


I'm thinking (hoping) she's sometimes just as socially awkward as I am sometimes.
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 I'm going to be a bit of a post whore today.  I'm knocking around the house by myself, with the news of the cookbook being postponed until fall setting me on edge, wondering how I'm going to wait 3/4 of a year when I could barely wait a month.

So I'm just wondering why I have such a problem with some things and not with others.  Why I can wait for months for news about the cookbook with only a carrot on a stick dangling in front of me and yet I can't get through the day to day life without falling apart.

Maybe I'm too much of a dreamer.  Maybe the anticipation of things to come keeps me going more than the here and now of what I have.  Of course staying at home, cleaning and cooking and taking care of our son is not the fantasy life I dream of.  But it's my life and it's my responsibility to take hold of it and make it as good as I can for myself and my family.  Maybe at this time next year (if I'm very very lucky)  I'll be jet setting off to promote the cookbook, rub elbows with NKOTB and their friends...but for now I'm mom and housewife with an occasional gig as a bus monitor.

I worked to get my name out there.  I took the plunge and e mailed Remember Betty, I took a chance, thinking I'd be returned with "You want to do a cookbook with Danny? Get in line."  But things look more and more possible with every message I get back, every bit of hope thrown at me.  It's like I'm in middle school again, analyzing the notes my boyfriend sends to me, trying to decipher the intention behind each word.  I started a facebook page, started putting out cooking tips on twitter when the conversations lulled, got a few dedicated people to help get my name out there.  My friend Heather created the e mail address and helped promote the project on the NKOTB fan club (which I am not a part of, and I know that's a shocker! I should probably get on that).

Meanwhile I'm a lazy bum at home.  And I look at myself and think, I'm not even worthy to be working with one of my idols.  I don't picture myself being capable of doing that.  People who get involved in business ventures with celebrities are put together, organized, social.  And I wonder, if I do get picked to do this, can I pull it off?  What if I've bitten off more than I can chew?  What if I went for my dream just to say I tried?  "They said no, but I tried."  What if I can't really do this?

And then I think...wait until fall.  Fall is an awfully long time to put a dream on hold.  Then again, I've waited this long to even dream of doing something like this.  Why not wait a few more months?

Have fun bearing with me, readers.  I'm going to be jumpy, anxious, maybe a little bit obsessive.  If I get a little too full of shit, bring me down.  Please.
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 I'm excited! I thought of a new way to keep myself busy on twitter.  I've started posting cooking tips.  Simple tips I take for granted.  I've been thinking a lot lately about people who can't cook.  My friend told me she burns rice every time she cooks it.  I kept telling her she needs to turn down the heat more and she finally did it and it worked.

I really think cooking is something everyone should know how to do.  I try to involve my son whenever I cook.  Even if it's just helping me open cans or using a butter knife to help me cut things, I like him to see the process and know what goes into what's on the table.  My mother cooked with me from a young age.  She used to make pies a lot and she'd give me the scraps from the crust and I'd cut out my own little pie dough cookies and she'd bake them and sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar.  I can still picture the kitchen from the house we moved out of when I was 9.

If you'd like to follow me, I'm @bhcookbook.  I talk a lot to and about NKOTB.  They're the reason I'm there in the first place.  But I'm trying to branch out with the cooking tips.  

Okay so as I was writing this I decided to check the cookbook's e mail account.  I got a note from the woman I've been speaking with about the cookbook and she says fall at the earliest is the soonest they'll be thinking about a cookbook (after the tour).  I'm SO happy she told me this, this means she's taking me seriously, I think!  GAH!
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 Today would have been Edward Gorey's 88th birthday!

I have to work again Monday and then I shouldn't have to work mornings anymore.  My husband got an earlier shift so I have to be home in the mornings soon to get my son on the bus. The person I was replacing was caring for her husband, who passed away last week.  I'm not sure how long she'll be out for a mourning period (if any, I'm not really sure what the policies are on that, and we did just have a week of vacation) but my boss made it sound like I wouldn't be needed after Monday.

My husband and I had a huge meltdown a few nights ago and in traditional fashion we haven't discussed it since.  Just another thing to sweep under the rug, I guess.  I wish I were strong enough to leave but I feel like leaving would present more problems than it would solve.

Today's the last day of Feb. vacation. We were kind of at each other's throats all week, except yesterday when we had the church activity thing to do in the middle of the day.  

NKOTB has released 2 songs from their upcoming album.  So far I really like it.  It seems more of an ensemble album instead of one person singing the entirety of a song.  Like instead of "oh that's a Jordan song" it's a little bit of each of them.  I dig that.  

They're selling a limited deluxe package.  A Fenway DVD is included (which is not being release except for in this package) plus a piece of the banner that was hanging at their Fenway show.  On one hand I know I should back out and leave it for people who didn't get to go to Fenway.  On the other hand?  WANT.

But if I know nkotb, they'll come out later and say "Guess what! We are releasing the Fenway DVD to the general public!"  They're always doing crap like that and honestly it kind of bothers me.  It makes them look like they are trying to make money by saying something is limited and then releasing it to the public anyway.  Like when they came out with the tour dates and then came out with more tour days a few days later. I mean of course they're trying to make money.  But it just looks...sneaky, you know?

Joey's coming to Boston to run in the marathon in April!  I might have to go stalk cheer him on.  
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Yesterday we went to a hill to go sledding. When we got there I prompty fell on some ice.  I hate sledding so I watched at the bottom of the hill while my husband stayed at the top.  Our son went down with my husband the first time and then wanted to go by himself after that.  It all went fine until my son asked me to go down with him on the last run.  The sled tipped too far one way and we both fell off.  He went face first into the snow and I was on top of him.  Safe to say he was not happy but we are both uninjured.

I woke up this morning lying on my arm which hurt like hell.  In my efforts to roll over without using that arm, I apparently pulled something in my shoulder and now I can't turn my head that way.

I must be getting old.

I feel bad because I've let my son play xbox for a good part of the day, although we did manage to go to the grocery store and he was a big help.  He helped me put the medicated pad on my shoulder and then we made taco stew.  I figure, he doesn't usually get to play a lot, what's a few days going to hurt?  It's not like his brain is melting yet.

I'm wondering how long school is going to be out.  I'm glad I don't have to go to work but I'm also hoping I get at least one day where I don't have to go to work but my son has to go to school.  I don't think that's going to happen though.

He's been very sweet for the last few days.  It makes the tantrums a little easier to handle and at the same time, so much more infuriating, because if he can be that sweet, how can he also be that evil?  Just wow.

Also, I'm annoyed at music groups that only release some of the tour dates at a certain time and then go "Oh surprise! We're also doing a show here, here and here and a second show here!"

Honestly, you guys know how much I like nkotb.  But whoever handles their tour scheduling and ticket sales SUCKS.  My friend and I bought tickets to the tour opener in Connecticut.  We chose that rather than Boston, their hometown, because we've both been to a show at Boston and we wanted to go to the tour opener because neither one of us has done that.  But it turns out we're no longer going to the tour opener.  A few days after we bought the tickets, they announced the real opening date, at the same place, only two days earlier.  It's stupid! I would have chosen Boston if I'd known.

Oh well, at least we're going somewhere we haven't been.  I know we're complete spoiled brats and we're lucky just to go and to have done so many of their other shows and events in the past.  I just had to get that little gripe out of my system!
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 So for some new friends, you may not know I've had this little fantasy of working on a cookbook with NKOTB.  Well, particularly one of them.

Danny is a member of NKOTB.  He's also incredibly healthy and well, ripped.  Like holy crap.  I'm really not into the buff look. I like 'em lean and toned but not like Bam! but if I was, I'd probably be into this:

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He's always posting on twitter about the things he cooks at home and fans are always saying "You need to make a cookbook!"  You know that saying that goes something like, "I used to think 'someone should do something about that' and then I realized I was that someone."  Well I took the next step.  I set up a facebook page and my friend set up a gmail account for people to submit recipes.  I got NKOTB fans to like the facebook page (32 likes so far) and I update it with ideas for categories, recipes, etc.  I encourage everyone to submit their favorite recipes especially those that remind them of NKOTB (for instance Donnie has said his favorite drink is a Bloody Mary).

I contacted a woman who is the director of his charity for his mother called Remember Betty.  Danny's mother passed away some time ago from breast cancer and Remember Betty (RB) donates money in her name to the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Danny also donates all the proceeds from his solo albums to the charity.  Danny is in direct contact with RB, and this woman, all the time.  So I spoke to her through facebook and she said she'd talk to Danny.  Last I had heard, late last year, she told me since they were working on the tour and the album, he didn't have time for a cookbook, but maybe in January.

January came and went and I saw she ignored one of my fb messages asking for an update (intentionally or not, I don't know).  So, unaware that she also handles the e mail at RB, I emailed RB.  She wrote back saying they had a number of fans who wanted to be part of a cookbook (of course) and that RB was forwarding all the requests to Danny to sort through--poor guy.  Thankfully I made my case completely, mentioning I have a degree in culinary arts and that I already had the fb page, contact e mail and even a publishing company lined up.  I hope he'll see that I've already dove into this and decide he wants to work with me.  

But now I'm starting to panic.  What if he actually does want to meet with me? What if I have to fly down to Miami (where he lives) perodically? I mean, I can think of worse things.  But then there's the whole social aspect.  I can't keep it together with average people, let alone with one of the members of a band that means so much more to me than I can even put into words.

I suppose I shouldn't panic yet.  But the fact that my pitch for the cookbook may be in the hands of Danny and that he might, just might, choose to work with me...OMG.

I'm starting to put faith in tarot readings.  Since I've started working on the cookbook idea, I've asked for a reading whenever I see someone offer on LJ or DW, or in a ontdcreepy post.  They have been accurate and have really helped me with motivation.  It's easier to keep going when you feel you have a trail of crumbs to follow.  The last one I got said I was on the right track but that I had to put more emotion into it.  I took that to mean that I should stop worrying if I was making the right move, or being savvy enough with the whole approach.  I decided I should just jump in and put my heart into it and to heck with processes and proper procedures of presenting the idea.  I poured out all my ideas in the e mail and just hoped for the best, and got a reply back the next day.  

And now I wait...again...ugh!


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